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Market Street Listowel, County Kerry

Market Street Listowel, County Kerry

Once you start on genealogy research, you never finish.   Forget about telling yourself  - "I will just do this branch of the family and then I will be finished".     In my experience that never happens.  you branch out into other lines and family names that just throw up lots of more questions.   You keep going trying to satisfy yourself with answers.    The great advantage about searching for your ancestors in Kerry, is that there is always someone, somewhere who can throw some light on families who lived there over the last 200 years. The 19th Century was a period of great change in County Kerry.Many people left Co Kerry to live elsewhere in Ireland or for the opportunity  of a fresh start in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and England..   We find that now, the third generation of these emigrants are searching and endeavouring to put together a history of who their ancestors were, where they lived, what they worked at and why they left.    You can have a very good shot yourself at doing the work with the Free Resources and Links that we provide here.   If you are stuck, we may be able to suggest other roads to travel to get to your destination.  Alternatively, you can commision us the find out the genealogy of your grandparents, great and great great grandparents not just as a list or family tree, but located  in the time and place where they lived.

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