Emigrant Ships from the Port of Tralee 1828-1867

This is a list of ships that sailed from Blennerville, the Port of Tralee from 1828 to 1867.  The list is compiled from Blennerville, The Gateway to Tralee's past, ed. Kelly, Lucid, O'Sullivan, (The Blennerville Windmill Co., Tralee 1989). 16th Nov 2014 - I am starting on researching the passenger lists for as many as possible of the below ships, and will add links to them as they become available.
Name of Ship Destination No. on Board Date of Departure
Union St. Johns N.B 87 17 May 1828
Marie British America Unknown 1 Aug 1828
Brother Quebec Unknown 22 May 1830
Union Quebec 160+ 25 May 1831
Toronto Quebec Unknown 26 May 1832
Furnesia New York Unknown 17 April 1833
Toronto Quebec Unknown 6 May 1834
Furnesia New York Unknown 17 April 1833
Totonto Quebec Unknown 26 May 1832
Furnesia New York Unknown 17 April 1833
Totonto Quebec Unknown 6 May 1834
Maria Quebec 204 5 July 1834
Albion Quebec Unknown 13 Aug 1834
Albion Quebec 150 18 April 1835
Britannia Quebec 120 16 April 1836
Triton Quebec 100 13 May 1836
Zoir Quebec Unknown 17 June 1836
Triton Quebec 100 15 May 1837
Breeze Quebec 100 20 May 1837
John Quebec 100 14 June 1837
Triton Quebec Unknown 5 Aug 1837
Breeze Quebec Unknown 5 Aug 1837
William IV Quebec Unknown 28 April 1838
Ann Quebec 100 5 Jun 1839
Ann Quebec Unknown 29 May 1840
Elutheria Quebec Unknown 25 July 1840
Lord Cochrane Quebec 330 21 April 1841
Nicholson Quebec 72 30 June 1841
Eleutheria Quebec Unknown 20 Marc 1842
Harriette Quebec 130 25 May 1842
Irvine New Brunswick Full 25 May 1842
Lavinia St. Johns Full 25 May 1842
John & Mary Ann Quebec Full 12 Aug 1842
Jane May Baltimore Unknown April 1847
Eliza Quebec Full 5 April 1849
Heather Bell New York Unknown 8 April 1849
3 Ships America Unknown 12 May 1849
Eliza St. Johns N.B. Unknown 19 May 1849
Princeton Baltimore N.Y. List 18 July 1849
Jeanie Johnston America Unknown 20 April 1850
Jeanie Johnston Quebec Full 22 Aug 1850
Jeanie Johnston Quebec Unknown 29 Mar 1851
Toronto New York 140 8 April 1851
Jeanie Johnston Quebec 188 23 April 1851
Stambone New York 160 9 May 1851
1 ship America 56 25 May 1851
Miame Quebec 11 31 May 1851
3 large ships Quebec Unknown 4 June 1851
Huron Quebec 170 20 June 1851
Souvenir New York Full 28 June 1851
Venilia Quebec Full 20 Aug 1851
Jeanie Johnston Quebec Unknown 20 Aug 1851
Miame America Unknown 3 Sept 1851
Miame New York Unknown 11 Oct 1851
Large ship America 350 18 Oct 1851
Aliwal America Full 10 Nov 1851
Anne New York 340 12 Nov 1851
Lismahagow New York 249 25 Mar 1852
Jeanie Johnston Quebec 188 17 April 1852
New Brunswick New York 324 10 April 1852
Gypsy New York 309 19 May 1852
4 Ships 2 Canada2 New York } 1000} 14 Aug 1852
Jeanie Johnston North America 300 1 Sept 1852
Miame North America 300 1 Sept 1852
Rajah New York Unknown 2 Sept 1852
Large vessel New York 250 25 Sept 1852
Lady Russell New York 370 1 April 1853
Jeanie Johnston Quebec 234 27 April 1853
Blarney America 100 8 May 1853
Intrinsic New York Full 20 May 1853
Jane New York 240 26 April 1853
Lady Russell America 387 + several deck passengers 30 May 1853
Blarney London 8 working class 8 June 1853
England New York 309 9 June 1853
Irvine New York 235 16 July 1853
Peru Quebec 80 23 July 1853
Prince of Wales New York 249 5 Aug 1853
Telegraph New York Full 20 Aug 1853
Jeanie Johnston Quebec Full 7 Sept 1853
Lismahagow New York 320 25 Mar 1854
Jeanie Johnston Quebec Unknown 25 Mar 1854
Jeanie Johnston Quebec 191 18 April 1854
Glenemara New Orleans 560 29 April 1854
Lady Russell Quebec 500 13 May 1854
England New York 323 8 June 1854
Jeanie Johnston Quebec 191 17 June 1854
Duke Quebec 354 1 July 1854
Naomi New York 365 1 July 1854
Gypsy New York 326 4 Aug 1854
Jeanie Johnston Quebec 205 18 Aug 1854
Large vessel New York 350 9 Sept 1854
Theodore New York 404 29 Sept 1854
Devon Quebec Unknown 1 June 1855
Pemberton Quebec 415 1 Aug 1855
Edward O’Brien New York 300 3 Oct 1855
Eliza Quebec 230 4 July 1856
William Rathbone N.Y/Quebec/Boston Unknown 25 July 1856
Anne Thompson Quebec 200 3 May 1856
Lochiel New York 360 23 May 1856
Carioca New York 200 30 May 1856
Eliza Quebec 230 11 July 1856
William Rathbone New York 150 16 Aug 1856
Intrinsic New York 230 29 May 1857
White Star America 600 12 June 1857
Miles Burton America 250 12 June 1857
St. Clair America 220 12 June 1857
Sandusky New York 325 17 July 1857
Lady Russell New York 300 22 Sept 1857
Constitution America 380 12 May 1858
A.Z. New York 300 10 July 1858
Baltic New York 400 25 May 1859
Large vessel America 300 20 April 1861
London Steamer England 100 20 April 1861
Inman Steamer America 300 2 May 1863
2 Large vessels Quebec/America 243/249 23 April 1865
Alleppo America 95 6 April 1867
Inman Steamer America 80 6 April 1867


  1. John F. Lord John F. Lord
    April 18, 2016    

    My father’s maternal name is O’Brien. According to spotty oral history, Patrick & Mary (Forham) O’Brien immigrated to USA in 1863. His son, John O’Brien immigrated in 1866 (age 19), with “other members” doing so in 1873. They settled in White Lake, Michigan and were in the lumber business.
    John had a brother, Robert, who is/was my grandmother’s father. At least John and Robert finally settled in Chicago. John became a successful lumberman, and is mentioned in biographical history of Irish in Chicago.
    I am searching for any information which will help me in my ancestry search.

    • Kay Caball Kay Caball
      April 18, 2016    

      John, maybe you would let me know what exactly you would like to find out. The baptismal record of Robert’s birth is listed as 6 May 1843. Kay (Caball)

  2. Teresa O'Connor Teresa O'Connor
    June 9, 2016    

    I’m looking for Daniel O’Shea, Mary O’Connor(his sister), and Michael O’Connor who may have traveled together as passengers from Tralee. Mary and Michael were married February 1846 at Ventry, Dingle Ireland. They were in Mason county Kentucky by 1852. I’m assuming they left Ireland in the late 1840’s, but would like the verification through any passenger ship information found in regards to them.

  3. Peg Kelly Peg Kelly
    August 25, 2016    

    I didn’t see this site before and sent you an email. Should I have posted here instead?? Look for the family of James and Margaret (O’Neil) Fitzgerald of Tralee, Ireland. I emailed more information.

  4. Michele McMurray Michele McMurray
    October 3, 2016    

    This is a very interesting list, my family oral history includes the reference to their pre-famine immigration from Kerry, their stated arrival in the US was June 1834…which most likely might mean they were on the Ship Totonto-or Toronto, perhaps, or possibly the Marie. Their names were John Ferriter & Honora Ferriter.

  5. Marilyn Weakley Marilyn Weakley
    December 9, 2016    

    I am looking for information on Cronin’s from Kerry Ireland. My ggf John Francis Cronin (B 1948 married Elizabeth Ann Kropp and the lived in Yonkers, NY. ) His parents were Patrick and Nora (either Flanigan or Joyce). He had other siblings (Patrick, Mary Ann, Michael and Elizabeth-that I know of). Also, his father Patrick had at least one brother Phillip that also came to the US and another brother John (who apparently did not come to the US however, was married to a Mary (Burke. Burkett, Lauder?) They had at least 8 children and Eugene was in the US Navy. A lot of my information is rather spotty and would be grateful to hear from anyone that could give me info on them especially when they lived in Ireland.

    • Kay Caball Kay Caball
      December 9, 2016    

      Marilyn, thank you for your query. Could I check with you that the information you have given is correct. Is it correct that John Francis Cronin was your Great Great Grandfather and he was born in 1948 (Nineteen forty eight)? I think that either the . date 1948 or Great Great Grandfather’ must be incorrect. If he was born in 1948 then the only way we can trace him is by going through the records in the Government Registration Office in Dublin. All births recorded since registration became compulsory in 1864 are online at http://www.IrishGenealogy.ie but due to data protection, as of now (2016) only only deaths up to 1965, Marriages to 1940 and births to 1916 are available.

  6. John Courtney John Courtney
    December 18, 2016    

    Hi there,

    Hi there,
    I am looking for any record of Jean ( John ) Courtenay who sailed to New Orleans in the early 1800’s. He married a french lady and settled in the area. Through a recent DNA test it would appear that I am related to this line of my family. My family are from Killarney going back to 1800. I know that Jean arrived in New Orleans around 1820, he is recorded in the 1830 New Orleans census. Perhaps there was a direct route from Tralee to New Orleans at that time or he possibly sailed from Cork. I am trying to find out if it was possible he sailed from Ireland. I think he may have been French originally but I cant find any trace of his birthplace. Any help would be very much appreciated !

    • Kay Caball Kay Caball
      December 19, 2016    

      John, thank you for your enquiry. No ships left the Port of Tralee (Blennerville) for New Orleans. As far as I am aware int he early half of the 19th century, those who emigrated from Kerry to New Orleans would have made their way overland to the port of Cork (Not Cobh/Queenstown then) or to Dublin and on to Livwrpool where they would have sailed from.
      ‘Courtney’ was and is a very strong name in Killarney. If you have any informaiton on his parents or indeed his children’s names, you can let me know and I can have a look and see if we could identify him Kay

  7. debby robinson debby robinson
    May 22, 2017    


    I am researching my husband’s great, great grandmother. Her name was Elizabeth Johnson and where she was born is inTarbert, County Kerry in Glin Registration district. She was born on 10 Dec 1839 or 1840. I am unable to locate anything on her and do not know who her parents were. She came to america and I don’t know what year or on what ship. Any help is appreciated.

    • Kay Caball Kay Caball
      May 23, 2017    

      Debby, thank you for your enquiry. You would need some more information if you wanted to positively identify Elizabeth and her family. I don’t know how much you have reserched already, but you would need to know what her father’s name was and the main reseaarch at the start would be in the U.S. in the location to where she emigrated. If you could get some more facts, I am sure we can locate her records and those of her family. Could I recommend that you have a look at my blog which deals with this, and I can also refer you to my book Finding Your Ancestors in Kerry.
      I look forward to hearing from you once you have extra bit of information. Kay

      • Debby Debby
        May 27, 2017    

        Thank you Kay. I will try to find a marriage certificate to find out her parents names.

  8. June 7, 2017    

    I am seeking the family of Mary Dowd, my great grandmother who emigrated to Boston MA USA around 1850. Her 1861 marriage to William Kelly in Cambridge MA USA indicated she was from Co. Kerry, her parents being Timothy Dowd and Julia Cawaty. She was born between 1827 -1830 ‘near the Lakes of Kilarney’.
    Mary Dowd Kelly died on December 12, 1900 in Dixon, IL USA.
    Thank you for any possible information.

    Eileen Higgins

    • Kay Caball Kay Caball
      June 7, 2017    

      Eileen, I have searched the available Kerry Baptismal records for Mary Dowd, daughter of Timothy Dowd but no success. Mary emigrated during the Great Famine and would probably have been about 20 years of age if she travelled by herself. If with her family, she may have been younger. Her mother’s name, as you probably guessed, is not correct. There is no such name in kerry as ‘Cawaty’. I think it may be Canty but can’t be certain. I have also checked for a marriage of Timothy Dowd and a Julia ? without success. there might be a couple of reasons for this. One reason would be that the records of the birth of Mary and the marriage of her parents may have taken place in a parish whose records are not available until a later date. The other possibility is that some of your details are not correct.
      I would advise that you search through ALL U.S Federal Census records from the time that Mary arrived in the U.S., See who she was living with, can you identify any other Irish/Kerry people living with her? If you think of it, when Mary arrived in Boston c. 1850, she just didn’t show up on a whim or on spec. She would have known where she was going and why she was going. Who would have paid her fare? Did she have work lined up? Who arranged that work? These are the kind of questions you could be asking yourself and try to get answers. That is what will lead you to solve the mystery. Where did the phrase ‘Lakes of Killarney’ come from? All births/marriages in the Catholic Parish of Killarney are online and Mary or her family are not there. However she may have been born in a small outlying parish and as ‘Killarney’ was very well known, she might have said that was her home location.

  9. Sheila Falkowski Sheila Falkowski
    August 19, 2017    

    I am seeking a listing of names emigrating on the Glenemara ship from Tralee to New Orleans on April 29, 1854 as I believe my Bridgit “Ellen” McKenna was on it. Surname could have been spelled Guina, Gna, Kenna, or McKenna. As she married in Macon, Georgia in 1860 I suspect she did not emigrate via New York.

    Thank you

    Sheila Falkowski

    • Kay Caball Kay Caball
      August 21, 2017    

      Sheila, I have tried the New Orleans Ships Lists for 1854 but the ship Glanamara is not included. As you know, we have the added problem of the ‘McKenna’, ‘Gna’ in our searches but I did find a Bridget McKenna who gave her age as 16 on the Theodore to New York from Tralee on 25th October 1854. I will email a snip to you as I cannot technically include it here. As you know, ages are never accurate so this Bridget could be anything from 15 to 25.

  10. Thomas M Quirk Thomas M Quirk
    September 28, 2017    

    My grandfather Thomas Quirk left The Townland of Coomasaharn in1867. I would like to know the ship he sailed on.

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