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Kerry Emigration 1851 -1906

Kerry Emigration 1851 -1906

The enumeration of emigrants from Irish Ports did not start until 1st May 1851.  From that time onward to 1906, we have a list of the numbers leaving the country, unfortunately neither their names, the ports they left from nor their destinations have been included. The figures below show that 113,237 males and 113,827 females, […]

Emigration from Crown Lands at Castle...

Emigration from Crown Lands at Castlemaine

The Crown Estate of Castlemaine was situated in the Parish of Kiltallagh, on the river Maine, a short distance from Castlemaine Harbour.  The estate was known as the Constables Acres.   It consisted in 1839 of nine acres, a fishing weir and a village of ‘thirty one thatched cabbins of the poorest description’ and one small […]

Where Should I Start?

Where Should I Start?

Where should I start?        This is a great question and one that puzzles both raw recruits to the genealogy game and those who have been dipping in and out of their research and finding the usual ‘brick walls’.   Don’t worry –  ‘brick walls’ can crop up at any time even for the […]

The Kerry Girls; Emigration & Th...

It is great to be able to say that ‘the book’ has finally been published and is in bookshops this week as well as  The Book Depository and  I will be posting some of the girls’ stories over the next few months but to-day I am just including an invitation to any of you who might […]

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