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Kerry Emigration 1851 -1906

Kerry Emigration 1851 -1906

The enumeration of emigrants from Irish Ports did not start until 1st May 1851.  From that time onward to 1906, we have a list of the numbers leaving the country, unfortunately neither their names, the ports they left from nor their destinations have been included. The figures below show that 113,237 males and 113,827 females, […]

Where did Kerry emigrants go to in 18...

Where did Kerry emigrants go to in 1800s?

Where did Kerry emigrants mostly go to? We know that from the early 1800s, significant number of Irish had already settled in the cities of Liverpool and London as well as in the U.S, states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine as well as the Canadian settlements of Upper Canada.

Emigration from Kerry 19th Century

Over the next few weeks, we will go into all the details of emigration from Kerry in the 1800s.   Who emigrated?  Where did they mostly emigrate to?   What ports did they sail from?  What were the travel costs involved? Do we know the ages of the emigrants? Lists of names of those who […]

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