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Some Kerry Evictions 1887

Some Kerry Evictions 1887

While the various Land Acts were being negotiated and passed in the British House of Commons in the 1880s, with no real solution to the Land question, evictions were commonplace in Kerry. From 1873 to 1896, Ireland suffered from an agricultural depression and with lower prices, higher rents and no security of tenure. Just a […]

Emigration from Crown Lands at Castlemai...

Emigration from Crown Lands at Castlemaine

The Crown Estate of Castlemaine was situated in the Parish of Kiltallagh, on the river Maine, a short distance from Castlemaine Harbour.  The estate was known as the Constables Acres.   It consisted in 1839 of nine acres, a fishing weir and a village of ‘thirty one thatched cabbins of the poorest description’ and one small […]