MKA Blog Knocknagoshel‘Arise Knocknagoshel and take your place among the nations of the earth’.  We are all aware of this slogan which was headlined on a banner carried by proud Knocknagoshel Parnellites to Newcastlewest in 1891 to protest when they got word that Parnell might  not be allowed to speak at a planned rally there, on account of his marriage to the divorced Kitty O’Shea.

We might not all know though of the 440 names of those Kerry ancestors, who signed a successful petition to the Bishop of Kerry in 1916, requesting a resident Parish Priest.

On 17th August 1916, Cardinal Cassata, with papal authority, granted power to Bishop John Mangan]to establish a parish in Knocknagoshel.  Knocknagoshel had been part of Brosna parish for centuries and from time to time the parish priest resided in in the Knocknagoshel area.  In 1866, a delegation failed in their request to Bishop David Moriarty  for the formation of a separate parish in Knocknagoshel.  A later delegation in June 1888  also failed to secure Bishop Andrew Higgins’ approval.  However in June  1916, four hundred and forty householders signed a petition and the people’s wish was granted by Bishop Mangan.

Knocknagoshel had a chapel prior to 1834, which was also used as a school.  In that same year a new chapel was built on a site given by Lord Headley, who shared half the cost with his tenants.  This church had a thatched roof and mud floor.

From  The Diocese of Kerry, Working in the Fields of God (Kerry 2005), Fr. Kieran O’Shea.

Here are the signatories of the 1916 petition:

Jeremiah Long, R.D.C. Daniel C. O’Connor, R.D.C.
William Mor….., Shanavaugha Mrs. Ml. Mangan, Behenaugh
Michael Mangan, Behenaugh John Mangan, Ballinahoun
Michael Mangan, Ballinahoun Corns. D. O’Connor?, Knocknagoshel
B.J. Murphy, Knocknagoshel May Brown, Knocknagoshel
Nora Murphy, Knocknagoshel W.W. Mangan, Behenaugh
Cornelius Brosnan, Boula William Cahill, Knocknagoshel
J.M. Mangan, Lots. Jas. J. Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Johannah O’Connor, Knocknagoshel Agnes? Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Jerh. J. Long, Knocknagoshel Chas. Begley
James Begley David O’Connell, Knocknagoshel
Daniel Cronin, Knockbrack Harry Dalton, Knocknagoshel
Daniel Murphy, Knocknagoshel Adam Keane, Knockbrack
Ellen O’Connor, Meenahilly Jeremiah Long, Knocknagoshel
Denis Guiney, Knocheencreen Dan Doody, Knockbrack
Jeremiah T. O’Connor, Meenganaire Michael Connor, Knockbrack
Daniel Horan, Knockeencreen Patrick McAuliffe, Scart.
Jeremiah Brosnan, Boula Mrs. Horan, Boula
Cornelius O’Connor, Tooreenmore James Welsh
Laurence O’Connor, Ballyduff Patrick J. O’Sullivan, Feavautia
John Greaney, Meenleitrim Daniel Doody, Knockbrack
John Fitzgerald, Boula John McAuliffe, Scart.
John Brosnan, Scart. Denis Naughton, Kgoshel
Timothy Brosnan, Meen P. Charles O’Connor, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Walsh, Knocknagoshel Laurence Wren, Tooreenmore
James Carmody, Meenbanivane Con Curtin, Knockbrack
Mrs. Brosnan Thomas Wren
Daniel Ganey James L. Hickey, Ballyduff
Luke S. Keane, Knocknagoshel John J. O’Connor, Knocknagoshel
Jeremiah Brown, Knockbrack Patrick Carmody, Ballinahoun
James Griffin, Knocknagoshel Charles Bunwortt?, Knocknagoshel
Mrs. Andrew Nolan, Tooreenmore Mrs. Michael Mangan, Beheenagh
Philip Brady Michael Reidy, Beheenagh
James Doody, Knockbrack Jeremiah Piggot, Meenbanivane
John Doody, Knocknagoshel Maurice Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Con Brosnan, Meenbanivane James Nolan, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Murphy, Knocknagoshel Patrick Murphy, Ahane
Mrs. T. Doody, Knockbrack Mrs. C. Curtin, Knockbrack
James C. Lyons, Ballybawn John Sweeney, Meen
John O’Connor, Ballyduff Jerry Murphy, Meen
Patrick Herlihy, Ballyduff William Herlihy, Beheenagh
Michael Morrissey, Ahane Mrs. Leahey, Ballincartin
Maurice Murphy Daniel Reidy, Meenleitrim
Margret Cotter, Knockbrack Mrs. James O’Connor, Knocknagoshel
Denis Murphy, Meen John Walsh, Meenbanavane
Kerry S. Keane, Scart Jerry Murphy, Scart.
Michael Sullivan, Meenbanavane Daniel Nolan, Knockbrack
James Thompson, Knockbrack James Emperor, Knockbrack
Thomas Wren Cornelius Greany, Knockbrack
Mary O’Connor, Behenaugh Jame O’Callaghan, Ballyduff
Patrick Sullivan, Ballyduff Mary Brown, Feavautia
John Roche, Scart James Walsh, Ahane
Denis Scanlan, Ballyduff Maurice Murphy
James Walsh, Feavautia John Murphy, Knocknagoshel West
Daniel Nolan, Cloughane Denis C. O’Connor, Gortroe
Patrick Donoghue, Knocknagoshel Catherine Hickey, Meenbannivane
James Begley, Knocknagoshel Jeremiah Brosnan, Knocknagoshel
James Browne, Knocknagoshel John Scanlan, Knocknagoshel
Michael Neligan, Ballyduff R. Keene?, Behenagh
Michael Doody, Knockbrack Daniel Leane, Clashnagaugh
John Jay, Feavautia Jerry Murphy, Clashnagough
Patrick Heffernan, Knockbrack Mathew Dillon, Behenagh
Patrick Nolan, Tooreenmre James Hickey, Meenbanivane
Maurice Keane, Knockane John Murphy, Meen
Denis Nolan Con. Brosnan, Knockbrack
Denis Curtin, Meen Michael Ahern, Meenganaire
James Fitzgerald, Boula Jeremiah Long, Scart
Richard Walsh, Feavautia Patrick Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Patrick O’Connell, Ahane Thomas Thompson, Knockbrack
Michael Herlihy, Feavautia Robert Walsh, Knockbrack
David Morrissey, Cummer John Kennelly?, Cummer
John Cotter, Knockbrack Patrick Nolan, Tooreenmore
Thomas O’Connor, Boula Daniel Keane, Knocknagoshel
Daniel Murphy, Knocknagoshel James J. Long, Knocknagoshel
Daniel D. Murphy, Knocknagoshel Stephen Griffin, Meenbanivane
Nicholas Cotter, Knockbrack Cornelius O’Connor
Jerry? T. O’Connor, Knocknagoshel Kate Herlihy, Knockane
James Geany, Boula Edmond Sheehan, Meenbanivane
Thomas Horan, Meen John Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Maurice Brown, Scart John Brown, Scart
Mary Morrissey Denis D. O’Connor, Knocknagoshel
John Keane, Clashnagough Edward Walsh, Beheenagh
Maurice Nolan, Knockbrack James Kirby, Gortroe
Maurice Danaher, Ahane John Griffin, Knocknagoshel
Robert Dalton, Ballyduff Denis Scanlon, Ballyduff
Mike B. O’Connor, Gortroe John T. McAuliffe, Meen
John Sullivan, Feavautia Mrs. Kerry Keane, Scart
Mrs. Morrissey, Cummer Daniel Lyons, Knocknagoshel
Mathew O’Connor, Ballyduff Jeremiah Brosnan, Meenbanivane
Mrs. John Tobin, Laught.ooder? Michael Keane, Toureenard
Nicholas W. Cotter, Knockbrack Mrs. Patrick Sullivan, Feavautia
Mrs. Patrick Murphy, Knocknagoshel Mrs. J. Casey, Meenleitrim
Mrs. Jerry Reidy Florence Brosnan
Daniel Collins, Cloughane Denis Walsh
Johanna Nolan Mary Browne
Johanna O’Sullivan Timothy O’Connor
John Browne Thomas Heffernan
Mary Jerh. J. Long Mary O’Connor
Mary Heffernan, N.T. Mary O’Connor, Gortroe
David Brosnan, Knockbrack Mrs. F. Brosnan, Knockbrack
Mrs. Kate Wren, Meen Jerh. Piggot, Knocknagoshel
Mary J. O’Connor, Knockbrack James Reidy
Mrs. Murphy, Meen John Connor, Meenleitrim
Pat Nolan Pat Collins, Feavautia
Michael M. Aherne, Meengenaire John Sullivan, Knockbrack
Richard Cotter, Knockbrack Thos. Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Cornelius Moynihan, Knocknagoshel Michael Herlihy, Ballinacartin
Denis Murphy, Meen John McAuliffe
William Leane, Toureenard Ned Cotter, Toureenard
Denis Lane, Shanby Geoffrey Donoghue, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Roche, Ahane Margaret Hickie, Meenleitrim
Laurince Shine, Knocknagoshel Thomas Pigot, Meenbanivane
Patrick Riordan, Knocknagoshel John Thompson, Knockbrack
Denis O’Connor, Knockbrack Thos. Keane
Tim Cotter, Knockbrack James Hogan, Gortroe
William Cullinane, Ballyduff Timothy Griffin, Kgoshel
Jerh. Connor, Meenleitrim Kerry K. Keane
Edmond ..ralle? John O’Connor
Michael McAuliffe, Knocknagoshel West John Hickey, Meenleitrim South
Jerh. Reidy, Meenleitrim North John Downey, Laughtfouden?
Denis McAuliffe, Knochnagoshel West Denis Long, Knocknagoshel
James Mangan, Feavautia John McElligott, Knockbrack
James Reidy, Ballyduff Daniel Sullivan
James O’Connor, Knocknagoshel Daniel Sullivan, Ballinahoun?
John O’Connell, Meen Jerry Riordan, Kilmanahan West
Miss Michael Walsh, Clashnagough George O’Callaghan, Beheenaugh
Mrs. F. McAuliffe, Scart Timothy Sheehan, Feavautia
Julia Horan, Clashnagough Mary Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Johana Nolan, Scart Patt Nolan, Clashnagough
Mrs. P. Lyons, Meen
Mrs. P. Connor, Gortroe Mrs. Richie Cotter, Knockbrack
Mrs. Jeremiah Brosnan, Baranarig John Brown, Scart
Mrs. John Connor Mrs. Maurice Downey
Maurice Donoghue David Reidy, Meen
Edmond Carmody Cornelius O’Connor
Charles Curtin John O’Connor
Edmond Walsh Daniel Murphy
Thomas P. O’Connor, Knocknagoshel Denis Greaney, Meenleitrim
Tim Kirby, Knocknagoshel Patrick O’Sullivan, Ballinahoun
D.D. Curtin, Meenleitrim Redmond Roche, Lackbruder
James Murphy, Knockachur Eulick Burke, Knockbrack
Mary Doniellan? David Walsh
Timothy Connell Nicholas N. Cotter
Laurence Walsh Simon Keane
Norah L. Leane, Kockeencreen John Leane, Knockeencreen
John J. Greany, Meenleitrim Dan Cotter, Meen
.ama? Cotter, Knockbrack? Ellie Doody, Knockbrack
John Griffin David O’Sullivan, Knocknagoshel
Thomas Walsh, Meenbanivane William Riordan, Kilmanihan
Timothy O’Connor, Beheenagh? John Enright, Nat’l. Teacher
Patrick O’Connor, Knocknagoshel John Casey, Meenleitrim
William Cahill, Knocknagoshel Michael Scanlan, Ballyduff
John Griffin, Ballyduff James O’Connor, Knocknagoshel
Patrick Sullivan, Knocknagoshel James Morrissey, Gortroe
Batt O’Connor, Gortroe Daniel Sullivan, Knightsmountain
Batt P. Murphy, Meen Patrick O’Connor, Gortroe
Timothy Moynihan, Ballyduff Kerry Keane, Knocknagoshel
Michael O’Connor, Meenganeare Charles Curtin, Knightsmountain
Charles Hartnett, Knocknagoshel Dan Carmody, Knocknagoshel
Michael J. Keane, Scart Timothy O’Connor, Meenleitrim
James Walsh, Ahane Cornelius Murphy
Jerry O’Connor, Menrare? Johanna Nolan
Maggie Reidy, Meenleitrim Hanna Hickey, Meenleitrim
Lawrence O’Connor, Gortroe Dan D. Nolan, Toureenard
Joseph O’Connor, Knocknagoshel Thomas J. O’Connor, Knocknagoshel
Joseph Murphy, Knocknagoshel John O’Connor, N.T. Knocknagoshel
Charles Donoghue, Knocknagoshel Patrick O’Connor, Knocknagoshel
Tim Murphy, Knocknagoshel Thomas W. Roche, Kilmanihan
Michael Sullivan, Knocknagoshel John Riordan, Meen
Michael Walsh, Clashnagough Laurence Murphy, Knocknagoshel
Mrs. Denis Curtin, Meenleitrim Mrs. David O’Connor, Knockbrack
Mrs. Geoffrey O’Donoghue, Knocknagoshel Mary Curtin, Loughfooder
Mrs. Simon Carmody, Ballyduff Mrs. Patrick Nolan, Boula
John Nagle, Sgt., R.I.C., Knocknagoshel James Sullivan, Con., R.I.C., Knocknagoshel
John Keane, Ballyduff Joseph O’Sullivan, Gortroe
John Fitzgerald, Knocknagoshel West James Fitzgerald, Knocknagoshel
James Murphy, Knocknagoshel James F. Hickey, Ballinatin?
Timothy O’Sullivan, Ballinahoun Jeremiah Scanlon, Knockbrack