MKA Blog Ballylongford 1871

NLI from Lawrence Collection Robert French 1880 -1914

TURN back the clock to 1861 when this census was taken and the village of Ballylongford was then known as the parish of Aghavallan with a population of 4,231 of which 829 resided in the village. The local Sergeant was CharlesO’Neill. Fairs and markets were held on May 20th, June 20th, October 20th,and December 20th.Pig fairs on previous Wednesday and market day on Thursday,

The gentry were;Douglas St. John Thomas Blacker, J.P.D.L.; William Creagh Hickie Kilelton; William Scott Kilelton; Dominick Rice, J.L.R., C.S.I., L.R., CP & S.E. D.I.N. Carrig Castle.

The local school teachers were Patrick O’Connor and Anne Collins. Bakers William McCabe, Richard Rahilly, Mrs. Morris. Corn merchants,Michael Glynn, J.P. Drapers Michael Carmody, Richard Rahilly, Mrs. M. Morris.Fish curer and merchant Richard Rahilly. Flour and meal merchants Jas Bannatyne and Sons, Michael Glynn. Grocers Patrick Brassil, Michael Carmody,John Collins, John Enright, James Hanrahan, John Hanrahan, Jeremiah Hegarty,James Maloney, Michael Moran, Mrs. M. Morris, Mrs. Mulvihill, John O’Brien,Richard Rahilly, Margaret Walsh. Traders John Brandon, saddler; Thade Brandon, saddler; John Enright, carpenter; Maruice Enright, carpenter;Jeremiah Enright, blacksmith; Mary Enright, dressmaker, milliner; MichaelEnright, blacksmith; Patrick Enright, wheelwright; Daniel O’Grady, tailor;John McElligott, blacksmith; John Patt, smith; Patrick Shanahan, tailor;Victuallers Patrick O’Connor, James Hanrahan, Michael Moran; vintners,Michale Carmody, John Collins, John Enright, Ellie Hanrahan, Mrs. Muvilhill,Catherine O’Brien, John O’Brien, Kate O’Shaughnessy.

Principal farmers; John Brassil, Jeremiah Dee, John Dee, Patrick Dowling, Peter Fitzell, John
Jeffcott, Mrs. McEllistrim, John O’Brien, Michael O’Brien, David O’Sullivan,Ellen O’Sullivan, Richard Rahilly.

From “Memory Lane,” THE SHANNONSIDE JOURNAL, 1994, by the Shannonside Journal
Committee, page 121: