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Kelliher, Spring, Raymond – Australian V

Kelliher, Spring, Raymond – Australian VIP’s

The Australian Dictionary of Biography is Australia’s pre-eminent dictionary of national biography and is now online.  In it you will find concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of the lives of significant and representative persons in Australian history.  Here we have a selection of three Kerry men who made their mark in different ways on the […]

Blasket & West Kerry Welcome Home Week

Blasket & West Kerry Welcome Home Week

The Dingle Peninsula has a unique and complex history.   A lot of damage was inflicted on the Peninsula   during            the course of the Second Desmond Rebellion, the Nine Years War and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms. Its remoteness and isolation may have protected it from the worst excesses of the Williamite War and the […]

Fr. John Sullivan Kenmare

Fr. John Sullivan Kenmare

I spent a fascinating time to-day, researching in the diary of Fr. John Sullivan, P.P. of Kenmare during the Famine.  This is  part of my research into the background of life as it was being lived when the 117 Kerry girls were chosen to be sent to Australia from the four Kerry Workhouses under the Earl […]

National Famine Commemoration Kilrush Ma...

The National Famine Commemoration took place yesterday in Kilrush, Co. Clare.  Kilrush was a very apt place to hold this year’s commemoration as it was one of the places in Ireland that suffered most from starvation, disease, emigration and evictions County Clare had the highest number of evictions, in proportion to its population, of any […]

Follow Century Ireland

Follow Century Ireland

ABOUT CENTRY IRELAND The Century Ireland project is an online historical newspaper that tells the story of the events of Irish life a century ago. Century Ireland is published on a fortnightly basis, beginning in May 2013, and is the main online portal for the Irish decade of commemorations, 1912-23. News reporting on life in […]

My Grandparents In Law

Ancestors Wedding

I was recently given this very attractive photo of my grandparents in law, Mollie and Arthur Caball, who married in Tralee, Co. Kerry in 1908. They came from two very different backgrounds.    Arthur’s father was Edward Willasey Caball, a native of Saxmundham in Suffolk, who came to Athlone as garrison librarian with the Old 2nd […]

Genealogy Research

Market Day, Listowel, County Kerry

Once you start on genealogy research, you never finish.   Forget about telling yourself  – “I will just do this branch of the family and then I will be finished”.     In my experience that never happens.  you branch out into other lines and family names that just throw up lots of more questions.   You keep going […]

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