MKA 1911 Rover

1911 Rover

Do you want to know who had the first car registered in your area of County Kerry in 1911/1912?

What part of the County had the first registered car – IN 1?

It was Killorglin who led the field and it was a Wm. John Girvin who had the honour of registering his ‘Tri-car as IN 1.  The types of vehicles are listed as Car, Tri-car, Steam Car, Charabanc, Quadricycle, Dog Cart, Bicycle, Lorry and Motor Plough.   (We would have to presume the ‘bicycle’ was a motor bike.)   All these different vehicles are recorded in the County Council records for Kerry, with the exception of the Steam Car and the Motor Plough.

It is interesting to see that the we have to wait until IN 33 to have the first car registered to a Kerry address by J.E. Julian of Kilflynn.   The first van registered was IN 114 to R. McCowen & Sons, Tralee.  As it is still 1911/1912 quite a number of the owners have distinctly Anglo-Irish names or are titled as Captains and Majors.   Major McGillicuddy of Ballinagown, Aunascaul registered two cars at the same time IN 166 and IN 167 and he had already registered IN 113.   Obviously a car fanatic!   In Listowel John H. Pierse had the distinction of registering IN 100 for his motorbike, followed closely on his heels by his neighbour John T. McKenna, Listowel with his motorbike  IN 101.

MKA Motor BikeDoctor Patrick Ferris of Dingle with  IN 172 and John O’Sullivan, Knightstown, Valentia with IN 168 were two of those who undoubtedly would have had to contend with some very potholed roads, while driving their new motorbikes.

As well as fun and interesting this listing is also a good genealogical resource. while limited to a small cohort of people, to pinpoint individuals  and their addresses in Kerry that might be otherwise difficult to find.

This Irish Motor directory, which covers all County Councils & edited by Henry G. Tempest,published by Andrew McElroy on the excellent Lurgan Ancestry site. Have a look at our comprehensive free Links & Resources for the full list of Kerry Owners in 1911 & 1912.