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Fitzmaurices, Lords of Kerry, Barons of ...

Fitzmaurices, Lords of Kerry, Barons of Lixnaw

The Fitzmaurice family were established in Kerry c.1235.   Next Sunday 28 April 2019, Lixnaw Heritage & Historical Group are holding a conference, examining the history of this important clan.  I am currently researching and writing a book provisionally titled The Fall of The Fitzmaurices: The Demise of Kerry’s First Family, and  I will be one […]

Kerry Landlords

Kerry Landlords

Kerry landlords for over 700 years,  up to the land Acts of the late 1890s, ruled the lives of our Kerry ancestors. From the Fitgerald/Fitzmaurice Normans arrival, through the Plantation of Munster and the Cromwellian re-conquest, landlords, their middlemen and agents,  were the major influence on day to day life for the vast majority of […]