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Fitzmaurices, Lords of Kerry, Barons of ...

Fitzmaurices, Lords of Kerry, Barons of Lixnaw

The Fitzmaurice family were established in Kerry c.1235.   Next Sunday 28 April 2019, Lixnaw Heritage & Historical Group are holding a conference, examining the history of this important clan.  I am currently researching and writing a book provisionally titled The Fall of The Fitzmaurices: The Demise of Kerry’s First Family, and  I will be one […]

A Kerry Funeral 1792

A Kerry Funeral 1792

We all know the importance of Kerry funerals but surely Lady Arabella Denny’s instructions and arrangements about her funeral are unusual to say the least. Wikipedia tells us that ‘Lady Arabella Fitzmaurice Denny (1707–1792) was an Irish philanthropist, and founder of the Magdalen Asylum for Protestant Girls in Dublin in 1765’.    Arabella was born in Lixnaw, the daughter of Thomas […]