More Files have been digitised and released online under the Military Sevice Pension applications and grants.  These relate to action during 1916, the War of Independence and the Civil War.  There is a great amount of detail  – Kerry names, addresses, of interest to the historian and also to the genealogist, who might be trying to piece together some background on family or relatives.

MKA Blog - Amelia WilmotIt is good to see that women are represented in these files.  One File relates to Amelia Wilmot’s successful application for a military service pension in respect of her service with Cumann na mBan between 1 April 1920 and 11 July 1921.  Awarded 1 and ½ years for pension purposes in April 1941:

Applicant appeals the original findings of the Referee.  According to the typed statement contained in MSP34REF32473, applicant was working as a housekeeper and cook in Abbeydorney R.I.C., Barracks in 1919=1920.  Her main activities were making contacts to gather information and procuring arms and ammunition.  In January 1921 she was transferred to Listowel Barracks and she continued to supply information and ammunition. ‘About the 4th June 1921 she stole a Webley revolver from a drunken Tan and sent same out (per Miss Murphy) to Column Commander Denis Quille.  On this occasion she was suspected at the Barracks and things might have gone bad with her but Denis Quille adopted the ruse of sending her threatening letters from the I.R.A., warning her to leave Listowel Barracks at once.  These letters brought her back to the good graces of the Tans again so much so that she had a bodyguard of them escorting her home each nigh!’

She continued to supply Denis Quille with ammunition.  She was discharged from her employment in September 1921.  File contains material relating to the pension application and its payment of the applicant; application; appeal of the applicant; application for pension (completed and dated 8 November 1935); life certificate dated June 1941; reference letters from Stephen Fuller, Denis Quille, Timothy Moriarty, Julia Hassett, Richard Glavin, Patrick McElligott, Mai Brennan; typed statement by Denis Quille, Mai Brennan, Julia Hassett.