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Kerry to Denver & Back to Co. Kerry

From Denver County to County Kerry: An American Adoptee Explores Her Irish Roots (Part I) I first met Marsi in 2017 when at Lorna Moloney Clans & Surnames Conference in ...
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O’Sullivan-Glannie Kerry

I get a lot of email queries asking about different branches of the O'Sullivan (Sullivan) families in Kerry. See an earlier blog with an overall summary. To-day I have a ...
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Fitzmaurices, Lords of Kerry, Barons of Lixnaw

The Fitzmaurice family were established in Kerry c.1235. Next Sunday 28 April 2019, Lixnaw Heritage & Historical Group are holding a conference, examining the history of this important clan. I ...
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Kerry Land & Tenant Rentals

Very few Kerry Estate or Kerry Tenant Rentals have been digitised but details of some are available in various archives. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Kerry became predominantly owned ...
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Kerry Tenant Rent Books

This final excerpt of Land Rentals, explains about the records or Rent Books that were kept to record payments due on the land rented. There is also comprehensive coverage of ...
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