Series 1 Vol 1 (1968)
County Kerry’s Historical Societies (Thomas Armitage)
Castleisland Charter School (Michael Quane)
Beaker Pottery in Ireland (Aedeen Cremin Madden)
Philip Ronayne, Gent. (F.M. Hilliard)
Studies in West Munster History I: The Regnal Succession in Ciarraighe Luachra, 741-1165 (Donncha Ó Corráin)
Some Travellers in Kerry (Seán Ó Lúing)
Charles O’Brien’s Agricultural Survey of Kerry, 1800 (M.G. Moyles and Pádraig de Brún)
  County Kerry’s Historical Societies (Thomas Armitage)
  Castleisland Charter School (Michael Quane)
  Beaker Pottery in Ireland (Aedeen Cremin Madden)
  Philip Ronayne, Gent. (F.M. Hilliard)
  Studies in West Munster History I: The Regnal Succession in Ciarraighe Luachra, 741-1165 (Donncha Ó Corráin)
  Some Travellers in Kerry (Seán Ó Lúing)
  Charles O’Brien’s Agricultural Survey of Kerry, 1800 (M.G. Moyles and Pádraig de Brún)
Series 1 Vol 2 (1969) The Phoenix Society in Kerry, 1858-9 (Seán Ó Luing)
  Studies in West Munster History II: Alltraighe (Donncha Ó Corráin)
  An Athair Brasbie (Pádraig de Brún)
  Some Quernstones in Private Possession in Co. Kerry (Seamus Caulfield)
  Traditions of Glin and its Neighbourhood (Thomas F. Culhane)
  ‘Tuath Siosta na bhfionna-bhrú n-aolta’ (Seán Ó Suilleabháin)
  Charles O’Brien’s Agricultural Survey of Kerry, 1800 (concl.) (M.G. Moyles and Pádraig de Brún)
  The Phoenix Society in Kerry, 1858-9 (Seán Ó Luing)
  Studies in West Munster History II: Alltraighe (Donncha Ó Corráin)
  An Athair Brasbie (Pádraig de Brún)
  Some Quernstones in Private Possession in Co. Kerry (Seamus Caulfield)
  Traditions of Glin and its Neighbourhood (Thomas F. Culhane)
  ‘Tuath Siosta na bhfionna-bhrú n-aolta’ (Seán Ó Suilleabháin)
Series 1 Vol 3 (1970) The Prehistoric Peoples of Kerry: A Programme of Investigation (Michael Herity)
  Notes on Some Kerry Souterrains (John Waddell)
  Studies in West Munster History IIa: A further Note on the Alltraighe (Donncha Ó Corráin)
  The FitzMaurices of Kerry (K.W. Nicholls)
  The Seigniory of Castleisland in the seventeenth century (Patrick O’Connor)
  A Poem on Séafraidgh Ó Donnchadha an Ghleanna (Pádraig Ó Riain)
  Samuel Molyneaux’s Tour of Kerry, 1709 (K. Theodore Hoppen and Pádraig de Brún)
  Thomas O’Shea, a Kerry Harper (Alf Mac Lochlainn)
  David Moriarty (1814-77): I. The Making of a Bishop (Rev. Kieran O’Shea)
  A Tour of John Windele’s in South Kerry, 1848 (Michael Herity)
  Pádraig Feirtéar (1856-1924): A Shaol agus a Shaothar (Séan Ó Sé)
  Apects of the Fenian Rising in Kerry, 1867,  I: The Rising and its Background (Seán Ó Lúing)
  The Kerry ‘Home Rule’ By-election, 1872 (Brendán Ó Cathaoir)
Series 1 Vol 4 (1971) The Stone Circles of County Kerry (Seán Ó Nualláin)
  William Molyneaux’s Geographical Collections for Kerry (William O’Sullivan)
  Notes on the Volunteers, Militia, Yeomanry and Fencibles of Kerry (Pádraig Ó Snodaigh)
  A Sidelight on the 1843 Affray at Ballyeagh (Pádraig de Brún)
  Daniel O’Connell, Intimidation and the Kerry Elections of 1835 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Two Welsh Visitors to Kerry in 1852 (Pádraig ÓRiain)
  Aspects of the Fenian Rising in Kerry, 1867 II Aftermath (Seán Ó Luing)
  David Moriarty (1814-77): II. Reforming a Diocese (Rev. Kieran Ó’ Shea)
  Seachas ar Léamh agus Scriobh na Gaeilge í gCorca Dhuibhne (Tómas Ó hAilín)
  Aspects of the Fenian Rising in Kerry, 1867: 11. Aftermath
Series 1 Vol 5 (1972) The Building-history of Ratass Church (Peter Harbison)
  The Origin of the Pierse Family of County Kerry (John H. Pierse)
  Sir Richard Cox’ s Description of Kerry, 1687 (Pádraig de Brún)
  Lord Orrery’s Travels in Kerry, 1735 (The Knight of Glin)
  Insights into Fifty Years of Episcopal Elections (1774-1824) (Sister M. Angela Bolster)
  An Scoláire Bán (Pádraig deBrún)
  David Moriarty (1814-77): III. Politics (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  Aspects of the Fenian Rising in Kerry, 1867: III Prelude to the Trials (Séan Ó Lúing)
  Primary Education in Kerry One Hundred Years Ago (Michael Quane)
Series 1 Vol 6 (1973) Excavations at Reask, Co. Kerry (Thomas Fanning)
  Some Medieval Sculpture in Kerry (Peter Harbison)
  The Orientation of the Recumbent-Stone Circles of the South-West of Ireland (John Barber)
  Nicholas Dall Pierse of Co. Kerry, Harper (John H. Pierse).
  The Account-Book of a Kerry Revenue Official, 1687-9 (David Dickson)
  A New View of eighteenth-century Life in Kerry (Sile Ní Chinnéide)
  ‘A Song Relative to a Fight Between the Kerry Militia and Some Yeomen at Stewartstown, Co. of Tyrone’ July 1799 (Pádraig de Brún)
  David Moriarty (1814-77): IV Ecclesiastical Affairs (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  Father McDonnell’s Visit to Derrynanein 1833 (Rev. Pádraig Ó Súilleabháin. O.F.M.)
  Séamus Goodman (1826-96): Bailitheoir Ceoil (Breandán Breathnach)
  Aspects of the Fenian Rising in Kerry, 1867: IV Kerry Summer Assizes, 1867: (Sean Ó Luing)
  A nineteenth-century Find of Fifteenth-Century Coins from         Cahirciveen (Michael Dolley)
  An Early Reference of the Legend of Gleann na nGealt (Pádraig de Brún)
Series 1 Vol 7 (1974) Excavation at Dromkeen, Causeway (Dermot C. Twohig)
  Edward Thompson’s Report on the Management of Customs and Excise in County Kerry in 1733 (David Dickson)
  Bishop Moylan’s Relatio Status, 1785 (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  A Census of the Parish of Ferriter, January 1833 (Pádraig de Brún)
  John Windele and Father John Casey: Windele’s Visit to Inis Tuaisceart in 1838 (Pádraig de Brún)
  Aspects of the Fenian Rising in Kerry, 1867: V. Personalities and Problems (Seán Ó Lúing)
  The Corporation of Ardfert Glass Loving Cup (Caitríona Nic Leóid)
  A Late 19th Century Kerry Forger’s Mould from Lispole (Michael K. Murphy and Michael Dolley)
  A Lost Gothic Roof Boss from Tralee (Peter Harbison)
  A Monk of Rattoo (Padraig de Brún)
  A Hoard of So-called ‘Gun-Money’ from Causeway (Michael Dolley)
  Ardfert in 1827 (Pádraig de Brún)
Series 1 Vol 8 (1975) Excavations at Reask (Thomas Fanning)
  The Execution of the Earl of Desmond, 1468, (Art Cosgrove)
  The Fall of the House of Desmond (Sister Margaret MacCurtain)
  Dr Dermot Lyne: An Irish Catholic Landlord in Cork and Kerry under the Penal Laws (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Nineteenth-century Settlements in theLesser Blasket Islands (Joan Stagles)
  Richard Griffith and the Roads of Kerry 1 (Seán Ó Lúing)
  A Census of the Parishes of Prior and Killemlagh, December 1834 (Pádraig de Brún)
  Scéal Gaeilge ón Tóchar (Padraig de Brún)
  Two Prehistoric Objects from Killarney in Buckinghamshire County Museum, Aylesbury (Peter Harbison)
  A Neglected Sidelight on the Last Years of Ardfert Corporation (Michael Dolley)
  ‘Some Medieval Sculpture in Kerry’ – additional notes (Peter Harbison)

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Series 1 Vol 9 (1976) The Souterrain in Kealduff Upper Townland, Glenbeigh – Michael Ryan
  Fulacht Fiadh at Rath More Townland, Rathmore – Michael Ryan
  Franciscan Friaries in Pre-reformation Kerry – Katherine Walsh
  The Mac Finings Duibh O’Sullivans of Tuosist and Bearhaven – Gerard J. Lyne
  Dr Nicholas Madgett’s Constitutionalists Ecclesiastica, 1758 – Rev. Michael Manning
  Richard Griffith and the Road of Kerry II – Sean Ó Lúing
  John Windele’s Visit to Skellig Michael in 1851 – Peter Harbison
Series 1 Vol 10 (1977) Excavation of a Fulacht Fiadh at Dromkeen East, Causeway (Dermot C. Twohig)
  An Ogham Stone and Cross-Slab from Ratass Church, Tralee (Thomas Fanning)
  Land Tenure in Kenmare and Tuosist, 1696-c 1716 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Three early nineteenth-century Diocesan Reports (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  The Franciscan Friary, Killarney, 1860-1902 (Rev. Patrick Conlan)
  Robin Flower, Oileánach agus Máistir Léinn (Seán Ó Lúing)
  Pendant Whetstone (Dermot C. Twohig)
  The Will of Henry Griffin of Riverton, 1795 (Patrick Melvin)
Series 1 Vol 11 (1978) Rickard O’Connell (1572-1653) (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  Humfrey Owen’s Account of the Seigniory of Castleisland in 1686 (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  Land Tenure in Kenmare, Bonane and Tuosist, 1720-70 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  The Dingle Train in the Life and Lore of Corkaguiny (David Rowlands and Walter McGrath)
  Seán Óg Ó Caomhánagh (Sean Ó Lúing)
Series 1 Vol 12 (1979) Bronze Vessels of Kerry Provenance in the Saffron Walden Museum (C.S. Briggs & G.A. Ward)
  An Extract from the Civil Survey (Pádraig de Brún)
  Landlord-tenant Relations of the Shelburne Estate in Kenmare, Bonane and Tuosist, 1770-75 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Kildare Place Society in Kerry: I Schools & Lending Libraries, Aglish-Gunsborough (Pádraig de Brún)
  Local Government in Dingle, Ardfert and Tralee in 1833 (Seán Ó Lúing)
  Bishop Cornelius Egan’s Diocesan Report to Rome (Rev. Kieran O’Shea)
Series 1 Vol 13 (1980) Henry Pratt, Surveyor of Kerry Estates (J.H. Andrews)
  Cross-slab at Ardamore (Conleth Manning)
  Medieval Crucifix Figure from Skellig Micheal (Raghnall Ó Floinn)
  Peter McSwiney (1783-1860) and the Vexed Succession to the Last Mac Fínín Duibh (Gerard Lyne)
  Kildare Place Society in Kerry: II (Pádraig de Brún)
  A Ventry Convert Group, 1842 (Pádraig de Brún)
  Seoirse Mac Tomáis – George Derwent Thomson (Seán Ó Lúing)
  Chain of Office (Kathleen Browne)
Series 1 Vol 14 (1981) A Gold Box from Ballinclemesig (Michael Ryan)
  A Log Boat from Derryco (Eamonn P. Kelly)
  Fishing in seventeenth-century Kerry: The Experience of Sir William Petty (T.C. Barnard)
  Rev. Forster Archer’s account of Kerry in 1801 (Pádraig de Brún)
  Caoineadh ar an Easpag Ó Siochfhradha (Pádraig de Brún)
  Kildare Place Society in Kerry: IIa (Pádraig de Brún)
  Traditional Houses at Riasc (Alan Gailey)
  Container of butter from a bog at Banemore (P. Healy).

Dugout wooden boat in the estuary of the Cashen (P. Healy)


Series 1 Vols 15/16 (1982-83) Kerry Souterrains (Eamonn P. Kelly)
  The Munster Plantation Era: Rebellion, Survey & Land Transfer in Nth Kerry (Patrick J. O’Connor)
  A Castleisland Inventory, 1590 (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  Thadaeus Moriarty O.P. c. 1603-1653 (Rev. Augustine Valkenburg, O.P.)
  A Lost Fitzmaurice Dunaire (Pádraig de Brún).
  General John Sigismund Maguire and the Kerry Connection (Rev. Anselm Faulkner, O.F.M.)
  Some Documents Concerning Valentia Erasmus Smith School 1776-95 (Pádraig de Brún).
  Lewis Dillwyn’s Visit to Kerry, 1809 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Kildare Place Society in Kerry: III Teachers (Pádraig de Brún).
  Muiris Caomhánach í Meirice (Sean Ó Lúing)
Series 1 Vol 17 (1984) Excavations at Ferriter’s Cove (P.C.Woodman, M.A. Duggan and A. McCarthy).
  The Voyage of Saint Brendan in Old French (Catherine Jennings)
  Bonaventure O’Connor Kerry: A seventeenth-century Franciscan abroad (Rev. Cathaldus Giblin).
  An Enterprising Cromwellian Family: The Taylors of Dunkerron (Gerard Lyne and Daniel Moriarty)
  Three eighteenth-century Letters from Lady Theodosia Crosbie (The Knight of Glin)
  Richard Townsend Herbert’s ‘Information of the state of tithe in Kerry’, 1788 (Maurice J. Bric)
  Michael Condon’s Visit to Derrynane, 1839 (Rev. Bernard J. Canning)
  The O’Connell Monument in Rome (Rev. Fearghus Ó Fearghaill)
  An Extract from Bishop David Moriarty’s Diary, 1856 (Rev. Kieran O’ Shea)
  Kruger agus a Ré (Séan Ó Luing)
  Kildare Place Society in Kerry: IV Summary and Discussion (Pádraig de Brún)
Series 1 Vol 18  (1985) Richard Ferris, 1754-1828 (Mary Purcell)
  Further Fragments of the Civil Survey (Pádraig de Brún)
  Some Lists of Kerry Priests, 1750-1835 (Pádraig de Brún)
  Popular Protest Movements in Kerry, 1770-1800 (Maurice J. Bric)
  Rev. Daniel A. Beaufort’ s Tour of Kerry, 1788 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  A Bronze Age Cist Grave at Pound, Portmagee (Rose M. Cleary)
  Unrecorded Tower House in Kilcoleman Parish with Notes on the Godfrey Family (Valerie M. Bary)
Series 1 Vol 19  (1986) John Townsend Trench’s Reports on the Lansdowne Estates in Kerry 1863-73 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  The 1732 Religious Returns and the Evolution of Protestant Kerry (David Dickson)
  Tralee Voters in 1835 (Pádraig de Brún)
  William Maunsell Hennessy, Celtic Scholar, 1829-89 (Seán Ó Luing)
  Educational Innovations in the Kerry Gaeltacht 1904-22 (Thomas A. O’Donoghue)
  Excavations at Ferriter’ s Cove, 1985-6 (P.C. Woodman)
  A Wedge Tomb and Other Antiquities at Drombohilly Upper (Elizabeth Twohig)
  Excavations of the Two Long Stone Cists at Dromkeen East, Causeway (Isabel Bennett)
Series 1 Vol 20  (1987) Lament for Garret Pierse of Aghamore, Slain at Liscarroll 1642 (John H. Pierse & Pádraig de Brún)
  Verbum Scriptum Manet (An tAthair Michéal Ó Mainín)
  The Godfrey Papers: Abstracts of the 18th Century Deeds (Valerie McK. Bary and Jane Spring)
  Marie-Louise Sjoestedt, Celtic Scholar, 1900-1940 (Seán Ó Luing)
  New Light on Material Concealed by Roger Casement near Banna Strand (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Two Stone Circles at Uragh, Kenmare (Elizabeth Twohig)
Series 1 Vol 21  (1988) The Kenmare Estates during the nineteenth century (James S. Donnelly, Jr.)
  The Godfrey Papers: Abstracts of Deeds, 1800-1839 (Valerie McK. Bary and Jane Spring)
  Medieval Regionalism in North County Kerry: Concepts and Criteria (Patrick J. O’Connor)
  Journal of a Visit to Kerry in July 1788 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Letter to an Emigrant from an Old Inn at Lauragh, 1768 (Gerard J. Lyne)
  A History of the Development of St. Brendan’ s Cathedral, Ardfert (Marie O’Sullivan)
  Archaeological Excavations on Abbey Island, Darrynane (Cathryn Power and Martin Doody)
Series 1 Vol 22  (1989) The Pattern of Kilmakilloge (Gerard J. Lyne)
  The Godfrey Papers: Abstracts and Deeds, 1840-1848 (Valerie McK. Bary and Jane Spring)
  The Kenmare Estates during the nineteenth century (James S. Donnelly, Jr)
  Kerry Diocese in 1890: Bishop Coffey’s Survey (Pádraig de Brún)
Series 1 Vol 23  (1990) The Kenmare Estates during the nineteenth century (James S. Donnelly, Jr.)
  The Godfrey Papers: Abstracts of Deeds, 1850-1858 (Valerie McK. Bary and Jane Spring)
  Kilmakilloge: Its Patron Saint and Antiquities (Gerard J. Lyne)
  Surrender of Armada Vessel near Tralee; Exploration of the State Papers (Brendan G. McCarthy)
  Medieval Regionalism in North County Kerry: A Region Anatomised (Patrick J. O’Connor)
  Some Early Historic Cross-forms and Related Motifs from the Iveragh Peninsula (John Sheehan)
  Brian Ó Ceallaigh, Tomás Ó Criomthain and Sir Roger Casement (Muiris MacConghail)
  Two Kerry Lead-silver Mines: Kenmare and Castlemaine (Des Cowman)
Series 1 Vol 24  (1991) A Report on the Excavation of Cashel at Ballyegan, near Castleisland, Co. Kerry (Martin E. Byrne)
  A Prehistoric Decorated Pillar Stone from Teermoyle, Co. Kerry (Michael Connolly)
  Valentia State Slab Quarry (David Gwyn)
  The Strange Case of Subdeacon Garlath Prendergast, OFM (1884-1911) (Ignatius Fennessy, OFM)
  The Literature of the Blasket Islands. An Additional Bibliographical Note (Muiris MacConghail)
  The Godfrey Papers: Abstracts of Deeds, 1860-1898 (Valerie McK. Bary and Jane Spring)
  Thanking the Goodness and the Grace? One Woman’s Story of Teaching in the National Schools in the Closing Decades of the Nineteenth Century (Susan Schreibman)
  The use of Tower Houses and Fastnesses in the Desmond Rebellions 1565-1583 (Mary McAuliffe)
  New Light on the Golden Lion & the Danish Silver Robbery Ballyheigue 1731 (Bryan MacMahon)
Series 1 Vol 25  (1992) Fionnán Enclosures: Aspects of Traditional Land use in S. Kerry (Ann O’ Sullivan & John Sheehan)
  An Iron Sickle from a Previously Unrecorded Souterrain at Beaufort, Co. Kerry (Michael Connolly)
  Archaeological Monitoring of the Dingle Sewerage Scheme, Dingle, Co. Kerry (Richard Crumlish)
  William S.Trench & Post-Famine Emigration from Kenmare to America 1850-55 (Gerard Lyne)
Series 1 Vol 26  (1993) A Brief Survey of the Typical Vernacular Housing of a Portion of East Kerry (Patricia O’Hare).
  Guardians of the East Road at the West End of the World (Ignatius Fennessy O.F.M.)
  Thoughts on the Early Christian Church (Donncha Ó Conchúir)
  Old Ireland Lent this Champion to the Australian Imperial Force (Richard E. Reid)
  An Leana Mór: From Woodland to Townland on the Trinity College Estate (Michael H. O’Connor)
Series 1 Vol 27 (1994) Medicine and Society in 19th Century Kerry – A Life of Francis Crumpe, M.D. (Bob Fitzsimons)
  Seán Ó Súilleabháin (1903-96), Múinteoir agus Cartlannai Béaloidis (Eoghan Ó Súilleabháin)
  Excavations of Clocáin in Glin North Townland, Co. Kerry (Isabel Bennett)
  The ‘Glattjoch-Chapel in Honour of St. Virgil’- An Irish Oratory in Austria/Central Europe!? (Volker Fauler)
  Daniel O’Connell: The Counsellor, and Our Present Constitutional Disposition (Justice Hugh O’Flaherty)
  Review: To Make the Stones Sing, Poems by Paddy Bushe: A Perspective (Micheál Ó Fionnáin)
Series 1 Vol 28 (1995) A Survey of the Promontory Forts of the Kerry Peninsulas (Markus Redmond)
  Kerry’s Forgotten Historian – Jeremiah King (Edmund Moriarty)
  Primary Education of the Great Blasket Island 1864-1940 (Dr M. Nic Craith)
  Notes on the Region of Barnashaw, its Population, and Routes through it in Historic and Pre-historic Times (Bill Quirke)
Series 1 Vol 29 (1996) Archaeological Investigations at Caherquin, near Ballyferriter, Co. Kerry (Isabel Bennett)
  A Few impressions of Ross Castle (Sharon Wells)
  The Earthen Barrows of the Lee Valley, Tralee, County Kerry (Michael Connolly)
  Holy Wells and other sites of Pilgrimage within a portion of East Kerry (Patricia O’Hare)
  A Post-Mortem on the Protestant Crusade in Dingle (Micheál Ó Mainnín)
  Suffolk Summer School : The Desmond Brass at Euston (Amy Louise Harris and Paul Cockerham)
  Ról na nBan i Malartú Teanga (Bríd Ní Mhóráin)
  Women’s Lives at the Time of Seán Ó Conaill (Bríd Ní Mhoráin)
  An Unidentified Late 18th Century Shipwreck in Derrynane Harbour (Colin Breen)
Series 1 Vol 30 (1997) Selection of articles reproduced from the KERRY ARCHAEOLOGICAL MAGAZINE, published between 1908 – 1920

General Index to Journals 1 – 2

  The Civil Journey – A Cromwellian Record (Matthew J. Byrne)
  Some Holy Wells in Valencia and Portmagee (M. J. Delap)
  Tobar na Molt (Bligh Talbot-Crosbie, Esq)
  Lislaughtin Abbey (M.G. McGelligott, F.R.C.S.)
  The Skelligs (S.M)
  Kilcrohane (B.B.G.)
  Ballycarbery Castle (S.M.)
  Maum-An-Afrinn (S.M.)
  The Post Reformation Bishops of Kerry (Rev J.C. O’Ryan, O.P.)
  Distinguished Kerrymen (James O’Neill)
  Some Old Tralee Notes (S.M.)
  “Puck” Fair (S.M.)
  A Great Kerry Physician (S.M.)
Series 2 Vol 1 (1998) Revolutionary Movements in Kerry from 1913 to 1923: A Social and Political Analysis (Kieran McNulty)
  Kerry Militia Courts Martial: Proceedings of Regismental Courts Martial of the Kerry Militia 1808-1811 (Jane Spring and Valerie McK. Bary)
  The Trant Family: KERRY ARCHEOLOGICAL MAGAZINE, Vol. 11, No. 2, March 1914, 237-262 (SM)
Series 2 Vol 2 (2002) Dorchadas gan Phan – The History of Ceallúnaigh in Co. Kerry (Emer A. Dennehy)
  Pádraig O’Keeffe: The Last Fiddle Master (Pat Feeley)
  An Excavation of a Crematorium at Rockfield, Co. Kerry (Tracy Collins)
  The Ferriters of Kerry (Paul MacCotter)
  The Tralee Election of 1832 (Bob Fitzsimons)
  Eleanor Godfrey – A Tradition of Landlord Philanthropy (John G. Knightly)
  The Tralee Labourers Strike of 1896: An Episode in Ireland’s ‘New Unionism’ (Paul Dillion)
  Revolutionary Movements in Kerry 1913-23: A Social & Political Analysis (cntd.) (Kieran McNulty)
Series 2 Vol 3 (2003) George Sandes of Listowel: Land Agent, Magistrate and Terror of North Kerry (Bryan Mac Mahon)
  The Last Voyage of the Florence Graham (Jim Condon)
  Kerry Veterans in the Invalides (Eoghan Ó hAnnracháin)
  Sliocht Cormaic Mhic Cártaigh Dúna Goill (Tomás G. Ó Canann)
  Blennerville 1800-1853: The Shifting Fortunes of a Kerry Village (Marie MacSweeney)
Series 2 Vol 4 (2004) The Story of Dún an Óir and a Vindication of Sir Walter Raleigh (Valerie Mck. Bary)
  ‘Cloigne: Cnámha agus Creatlacha’-An Teampall Bán sa Traidisiún Béil (Seán mac an tSithigh)
  Lordship and Colony in Anglo-Norman Kerry, 1177-1400 (Paul MacCotter)
  The Killarney Deer Forests Clearances -Fact or Fiction? (Seán Ryan)
  Hedge Schools of Kerry (Tony Lyons)
  Our Onomastic Heritage: The Gaelic System of Personal Names, Surnames and Tribal Names – Categories and Sources (Paul David Tempan)
Series 2 Vol 5 (2005) Some notes on the names of six Kerry Mountains (Paul Tempan)
  Sir William Herbert’s ‘Description of Munster’: An annotated colonial text (Claudia J. Young-Palmer)
  Birth, Marriage and Death notices of Kerry’s Estated Gentlemen, principally from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras (Gerard O’Carroll)
  The Godfrey Estate during The Great Famine (John Knightly)
  Some notable Kerry Clergymen in the established Church of Ireland (Gerard O’Carroll)
  Lindsey Talbot Crosbie of Ardfert: Campaigner for conciliation (Bryan McMahon)
  The Rev. Robert Martin Hilliard (1904 -1937) (John Corcoran)
Series 2 Vol 6  (2006) Archaeological Sites on the route of the N21 Castleisland to Abbeyfeale road improvement scheme (Graham Hull and Kate Taylor. With contributions from Sían Anthony Michelle Comber, Lucy Cramp, Steve Ford and Lynne Keys)
  Materiality and Meaning: Ogham Stone Monuments of the Dingle Peninsula (Niall Kenny)
  An Daingean and Dingle: What’s in a name? (Paul McCotter)
  An Teampall Bán sa Traidisiún Béil: Addendum (Seán Mac an tSithigh)
  Politics, war and revolution: The Kenmare district 1916-1923 (Claire Turvey)
  Another shipwreck at Inch (Jim Condon)
  Review Article: Two important publications on the archaeology of Co. Kerry (Michael Gibbons)
Series 2 Vol 7  (2007) A consideration of late Mesolithic Settlement on Ross Island, Killarney National Park (Michael Gibbons, Jim Higgins, Myles Gibbons)
  Fionnan Kerry place-names (Paul Tempan)
  Properties in Dingle granted to the Duke of Ormond in 1668 (Conleth Manning)
  Dun an Óir 1580: The potential for intact Siege Archaeology (Damian Shiels)
  An Italian Account of the Siege and Massacre at Smerwick (Aoibheann Mullan)
  ‘My Dear Husband’: Kerry convicts and their families (Perry McIntyre)
  Port na bPucaí – The Fairy Music of The Blaskets (Feargal Mac Amhlaoibh)
Series 2 Vol 8  (2008) A Hot Property: The Morphology and Archaeology of the Irish Fulachta Fiadh (Emer Dennehy)
  A critique of the evidence recently presented for the existence of the Viking Maritime Havens and associated Rural Settlement in Ireland (Michael Gibbons and Myles Gibbons)
  Kerry Place-names in two Twelfth-Century poems (Diarmuid O Murchadha)
  The Earl of Desmond’s Navy (Niall O’Brien)
  A history of bog butter finds in Kerry since 1854 and some recent Radiocarbon Dating evidence (Chris Synnott)
  A Sweathouse at Caherlehillian, Co. Kerry (Aidan Harte)
  Ralph Sneyd and Muckross: An English Squire who aspired to ownership of Muckross House and Muckross Estate 1890-1902 (Sean Ryan)
  Sloinnteoireacht: John Lyne’s Collection of Sliabh Luachra Genealogies (Tomás G Ó Canann)
Series 2 Vol 9  (2009) ‘The First Earl of Desmond as Other than ‘Rebellious’: A Challenge to G.O. Sayles’ (Michael (M.J.) Fitzgerald)
  An Ancient Paddle From near Knocknagoshel (Griffin Murray)
  Piaras Feirtéir (Noel E. French)
  The Tralee Workhouse and the Poor Laws 1832-1850 (John F. Doyle)
  Records of St. James’ Church and Graveyard, Ballyheigue (Bryan MacMahon)
Series 2 Vol 10 (2010) St Lachtain of Lislaughtin: The Cork Connection (Donal Murphy)
  Human Tapeworm Infestation in Medieval Kerry (Catryn Power)
  Lixnaw and the Earls of Kerry (John Knightly)
  The Grave-stone of Thomas Crosbie alias Godly, 1767 (Jude O’Gorman)
  The Genesis of Killarney National Park (Sean Ryan)
  Blasket Island Life and Work, 1919-23 (Alf MacLochlainn)
  Kerry. Case Study: A review of the 17 and 31 July 1901 County Kerry Caherciveen District Council meetings (Mary McGillicuddy)
  Politics or Play? The Tralee GAA Sports of 1885 & the fight for Irish Athletics (Richard McElligott)
  Records of St James’ Church & Graveyard, Ballyheigue Addenda & Corrigenda (Bryan MacMahon)
Series 2 Vol 11 (2011) Rock Art and the Kerry-Galicia Connection (Muiris O’Sullivan)
  A Bronze Age landscape at Farranstack, Lisselton, Co. Kerry (Marion Dowd)
  Clusach Ó Failbhe, ‘Bothar na Scairte’ and Church Island: Memories of Tsunamis in Kerry? (Alan R. Hayden)
  Pluais Na Scríob: An Analysis of the Glanrastel Inscriptions (Anneli O’Neil)
  An Early Medieval Horizontal Mill at Aghacurreen, Co. Kerry (Tony Bartlett)
  The Earl of Essex’s descent into Munster (Valerie M. Bary)
  Fr Batt O’Connor and the Killorglin Tithe War 1835 (Hugh O’Reilly)
  Some Occupiers and Tenants of Lower Castle Street, Tralee, 1835-1955 (Mark Codd)
Series 2 Vol 12 (2012) The Vale of Tralee: A Summary of the Results of Archaeological Excavations in advance of the N22 Tralee bypass/Tralee to Bealagrellagh road (Patricia Long)
  New discoveries near Kilflynn, Co. Kerry (Patricia Long)
  A possible prehistoric ceremonial avenue at Ballingowan, Tralee (Colm Moloney)
  On the right side of the tracks: Archaeological excavations at Annascaul, Co. Kerry (Rob O’Hara with Sebastien Joubert, Stuart Reilly, Ellen O’Carroll and Nikolah Gilligan)
  A Kerryman condemned at the Old Bailey 1685 (Donal Murphy)
  A chain of secondary education: From the last Franciscans of Muckross to today’s St Brendan’s College (Denis O’Donoghue)
  A Quest for Justice: Kerry farm labourers 1870-1900 (Pádraig G. Lane)
  Castleisand – Home of the Moonlighters (John Roche)
Series 2 Vol 13 (2013) The Coming of the Gael: How and why one saga of Invasion became Three – All Roads Lead to Kerry (Tighe O’Donoghue/Ross)
  Exploring the evidence for Early Medieval Pilgrimage at Kilcolman (Louise Nugent)
  James Butler, 3rd Earl of Ormond, and Catherine Fitzgerald concerning W.F. Butler’s treatise on ‘An Irish legend of the origins of the Barons of Cahir (Glen Paul Hammond)
  Captain Right: The Rightboy Movement of the Late 18th Century (Elizabeth O’Donoghue/Ross)
  ‘De Bello Clerico’: Fr Batt O’Connor’s attack on the Evangelical Missionaries (Hugh O’Reilly)
  Anáil an Bhlascaoid Mhóir as Shaothar Sheoirse Mhic Thomáis (Aogán Ó hIarlaithe)
  The Sandmen and their Sandboats in Kerry’s Agri and Maritime History (Tomás B. Ó Luanaigh)
Series 2 Vol 14 (2014) A Tale of Two Cathedrals: Aghadoe and Arfdert – 12th Century Religious Reform (Elizabeth O’Donoghue/Ross)
  Historical Fisheries: Irish Pilchard Fishery and Historical Fish Harvesting and Processing Methods, Fish Products and Consumption (Liam Downey and Ingelise Stuijts)
  The Copper Mines of Killarney (Des Cowman)
  Fundraising in an Irish Provincial Town: A Story from the 19th Century (J.M. Feheney)
  ‘De Bello Clerico’: Fr Batt O’Connor’s attack on the Evangelical Missionaries (Hugh O’Reilly)
  Seachtain na Cásca 1916 I gCiarraíl (Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha, An Seabhac (in eagar ag Feargal Mac Amhlaoibh)
  A Tale of Two Cathedrals: Aghadoe and Arfdert – 12th Century Religious Reform (Elizabeth O’Donoghue/Ross)
Series 2 Vol 15 (2015) The Famine Journal of Lieutenant H.N. Greenwell, 1846-7 (Bryan MacMahon)
  An Investigation of Turf-Cutting Language and Practices Associated with East Limerick / North Kerry and Scotland (John A. Phayer)
  The Kerry Days of the Knights Hospitaller (Amb. (ret.) Francis M. O’Donnell, KM)
  Cork Mission to Peru 1965-2015: Golden Jubilee Reflection(An Canónach Tomás Ó Luanaigh)
  The Keys of the Kingdom: The Kerry Sentinel, its Commercial & Political rivals (Patrick Fitzgerald)
Series 2 Vol 16 (2016) The Earlier Geraldine Knights of Kerry (Paul MacCotter)
  Ardfert witnesses at the Trial of Roger Casement (Helen O’Carroll)
  ‘For Having Robbed His Ship On The High Seas’, Tomás Maol Ó Cearna, John D. Nagle and a Blasket Crew in Belfast (Dáithí de Mórdha)
  Glanbane Hillfort and the Bronze Age in Kerry (William O’Brien, James O’Driscoll and Nick Hogan)
  Law and Disorder, Listowel Union 1845-1852 (John Pierse and Martina Flynn)
  The Desmond Wars -The Beginning of the End of the Gaelic Order (Elizabeth & Tigh O’Donoghue Ross)
  The Killing of Sir Arthur Vicars, April 1921: An Exceptional Case?(Conor Joy)
  Miscellanea: 1. Holy Cross Church Kenmare 150: Review (Séamus Mac Gabhann)
Series 2 Vol 17 (2017) Helping the Stones to Speak: The Corca Dhuibhne 3D community project (Isabel Bennett, Nora White and Gary Devlin)
  An Ogham stone in the Black Valley (Fionnbarr Moore)
  References to Thomas Ashe in the Bureau of Military History Witness Statements (Tony Bergin)
  Townland, ‘Gneeve’ and ‘Cos’; Land taxes and ‘Cows’ grass’ (JF Collins)
  Íochtar Cua & the Stone Rows of Kerry (Michael Connolly)
Series 2 Vol 18 (2018) Smuggling in Dingle in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Dr Conor Brosnan)
  A Case Study for Landscape Applications of Drone and Photogrammetry Techniques: Faha and Caherconree Hill Forrest Co. Kerry (Dr James O’Driscoll)
  Bád na nGort nDubh (Dáithí de Mórdha)
  Quakers in Kerry during the Famine (Kay Caball)
  Petticoat Government?  The borough of Dingle during the 1770’s (Dr Tony Barnard)
Series 2 Vol 19 (2019 The Early Years of Tralee Workhouse, 1840-45 (Bryan MacMahon)
  Transience and Permanency – Four Thousand years of settlement on the Dingle Peninsula: Archaeological Excavations near Lispole and Camp in advance of the N86 Road Scheme (2015-2016 Bruce Sutton)
  Kerry’s Jewish People (Lorcan Harney)
  ‘Between a rock and a hard place’ – The Limerick Jail Escape (Martin Moore)
  The Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union in Kerry, 1909-1930 (Francis Devine)
Series 2 Vol 20 (2020) The Coast Guard on the Dingle Peninsula (Ted Creedon)
  From Kerry to Gloucestershire – The Stoughton family of Ballyhorgan. Gortigrenane and Owlpen (Fergal Browne)
  Travel, Transport and the Roads in the Knockanore Area (Micheál Ó Ciosáin and Noel Kissane)
  Bonane Heritage Park Dugout Boat Project (Dr. Niall Gregory)
  The Irish Transport & General Workers’ Union in Kerry, 1909-1930 (Francis Devine)