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Found – another Kerry Girl, Earl Grey Scheme
When I attempted to research the identities of the 117 Kerry Girls who went to Australia in 1849/1850 on the Earl Grey emigration scheme, there was a huge blank in ...
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Killarney to Van Diemens Land 1837
This is an unusual blog. Together with an Australian PhD candidate, Margaret Coffey, I am trying to identify all or some of the Killarney families who were FREE emigrants to ...
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Emigrant’s tale 1837- 1933
The following history of his family, written in the USA by Daniel E. Harrington over a three-year period from 1830 to 1933, gives an insight into the sad times and ...
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Kerry Girls in the White House 1930
On St Patrick's Day 1930 there were eleven residents in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. Of those eleven, five were Irish. Herbert Hoover, his wife Lou Henry, their son Allan ...
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Webinar on the Fall of the Fitzmaurices (By Kay Caball)

Oct 2020 with the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society