Kay Caball (owner) is a qualified Genealogist certified by the University of Limerick. 

Kay is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and has completed research on hundreds of families specialising on Kerry based research. 

“As a member of the panel of the Genealogy Advisory Service in the National Library of Ireland, I get all the challenges of finding ancestors throughout the island of Ireland and of helping and advising visitors on how to approach searches.”  

We provide you with a full tracing of your family backed up with relevant Certificates and Records.

You may just want a Birth/Marriage Death Certificate to add to your family records or even proof that you are eligible to hold an Irish Passport. 

Or you may want to find out who your ancestors were, what part of Kerry where they from and what they did for a living. How many children did they have? Were they in the military, were they ‘strong farmers’, or were they, humble agricultural cottiers?  If tenants, who were their Landlords?   The story is there, waiting to be told.

Or you may be stuck in your own research and need some advice along the way.


How It Works

We would like you to email us (caballkay@gmail.com) initially with basic information and tell us what it is you are trying to learn about your family.  This initial enquiry is absolutely FREE.

We will then assess the extent of your requirements, how long it will take and the approximate cost.  We should be back to you within 48 hours with a few questions for more information.

We will discuss by email the possibilities of proceeding, how long it should take, the options regarding costs and the possibilities of success.  We will provide a quote, without cost or obligation.

We can follow a direct line back from one ancestor of your choice (e.g. your paternal grandfather), following the surname back through the generations to around 1800 (depending on when Baptismal records were kept in individual parishes).  This will usually cover 3-4 generations. We can, of course, offer variations on this option – search for two lines for instance, both your Paternal and Maternal lines or find whatever it is you are looking for, including photos, maps, certificate.