Ancestors Wedding Here you can commission research – from tracing a full Family Tree to retrieving documents, the options are endless.  You may only want to retrieve a particular document from the 19th Century onwards or you may want to commission our full Family Tree Search service.  You may  want to find out who your ancestors were, where they lived, how many children they had, were they ‘strong farmers’ or agricultural labourers?  Why did they leave?

We can provide you with a full report giving you a ‘feel’ for how your ancestors lived in Kerry over the last 200 years. Email Kay now with details of the family you are researching.   As much information as you have on names, dates, locations.  It is always helptul if you can separate what you know (documentary evidence)  from what think you know (family lore).   We will get back to you within 48 hour or so, probably with more questions!      



  • We would like you to Email us initially with basic information and tell us what it is you are trying to learn about your family. This initial enquiry is absolutely FREE.
  • After receiving a full outline , we will assess the extent of your requirements, how long it will take and the approximate cost.
  • We will discuss by email the possibilities of proceeding, how long it should take, the options regarding costs and the possibilities of success. We will provide a quote without cost or obligation.
  • We will follow a direct line back from one ancestor of your choice (e.g. your paternal grandfather), following the surname back through the generations to around 1800 (depending when Baptismal records were kept in individual parishes)  This will usually cover around 4 generations.  We can of course offer variations on this option – search for two lines for instance, both your Paternal and Maternal lines  or find whatever it is you are looking for including photos, maps, certificates etc.

* All prices are quoted in Euros.