“Mary Cogan, North Kerry Reaching Out”

If you are the family historian and your ancestors come from Kerry you are in luck. Kay Caball, family history sleuth extraordinaire, has decided to dedicate her time to researching Kerry ancestors only.I write a daily blog at http://listowelconnection.blogspot.ie and every now and again people ask me for help with tracing their Kerry antecedents. I turn to Kay with these queries. She is always thorough in her research, and extremely knowledgeable and intuitive about family history matters. She knows her territory well and she is always willing to go that extra mile to get to the solution of any family mystery. If it can be found, Kay will find it.

Kay is warm, friendly and approachable. She treats all queries with sensitivity and discretion and she is very respectful of the dead and their legacy. Talking to Kay about your ancestors is like a tonic. She is always interested and interesting. Her deep knowledge of her subject, Kerry ancestors, make her the go-to person for any amateur genealogist exploring Kerry roots. We are very lucky to have Kay Caball in Kerry. Every county should have such a personable scholar in their midst.[/su_quote]


“John Laide, Dublin”

Kay and I have successfully collaborated on several projects. I have found her to be a clever, determined and reliable researcher, which, combined with her comprehensive knowledge of the ever-increasing variety of sources and her vast network of contacts, makes her the ideal choice to trace and report on your genealogy. Her intuition is extraordinary; whenever I’ve found myself down an impenetrable cul-de-sac and consulted with her, she has never failed to negotiate a way out, often producing one of those Eureka moments that that make you mutter enviously: “now why didn’t I think of that?” 


“Marie Bonner, Adelaide”

Kay has done a quite remarkable job considering the very limited amount of background information that I was able to provide.   I really liked the historical timelines, it puts everything in perspective.