Some time back – in July – I wrote about the Brick Wall and recommended a number of solutions to get through the wall.   One of the solutions was that it was probably time to hire a professional genealogist!     Well here I am to-day and I have definitely hit a brick wall with a particular search.  I also advised that it is probably time to have a new pair of eyes give a fresh perspective on the search.  So any suggestions out there will be appreciated.

MKA CanadaI am currently  on a search for a Kerry family who emigrated to Canada  in the 1850’s.  Over the years, the parents – McCarthy and Brennan and five of their children, all born in Ireland went to Montreal, Quebec.    Despite having all their names – John & Mary McCarthy (parents) , Jeremiah, Michael, Daniel, Catherine and Ellen and their approximate dates of birth, presumably in Kerry, not one of their baptismal certificates  can be found.   Obviously the main problem is the lack of a location in Kerry from where they emigrated.   Despite combing Irish Genealogy with all possible combinations. no trace seems to exist of these McCarthys.    I ask myself ‘why’?     I have visited many presbyteries and churches throughout the county, been received most civilly by all priests who are the custodians of the original records and now facing the ‘brick wall’, I have to presume MKA Baptismal Cert Buckley2that in some Kerry parish, the actual records are just missing for this family.    I have come across original records that were burnt accidently, pages missing or torn, illegible and faded latin, idiosyncratic notes by priests of the era and I have been told of a parish where the Parish Priest and his housekeeper had a row and the houskeeper threw   the record book into the fire!

I am currently trawling through Cyndi’s List for immigrant passenger lists for Canada.  There are excellent links to all Canadian genealogical resources including an online searchable database for arrivals at Grosse Íle.