MKA Blog Irish Genealogy.ieA marvellous new research tool was opened up to all of us searching and re-searching our ancestors in Ireland, on last Friday.  As we know, Civil Registration in Ireland did not begin until 1864.  Before that we were reliant on Baptismal records.  We in Kerry are very lucky that copies of our Baptismal records are online from mostly early 1800’s to c. 1900.  This is not the case with most other counties but now we have the entire country Indexes of birth, marriage, deaths online from 1864 right up to 2013 in some cases, on

Births: From 1864 to 2013 with the mother’s maiden name and actual date of birth included in the returns from 1903.

Marriages: From 1845/1864 to 2013. Names of both partners show up in search returns in some instances .

Civil Partnerships: From 2010 to 2013

Deaths: From 1864 to 2013. Search results show marital status

Ref:  Claire Santry   See Claire’s Making Sense of the GRO database