john grenaham

John Grenham’s blog of Oct 22nd, titled  We’re a post-imperial rounding error was so true, so incisive that I urge you to log on and read it in its entirety.  In our day-to-day dealings in the genealogy world, we are often asked by Irish descendants ‘what is going on’?   Why do the British want to leave the EU?   What harm will it do to Ireland if the British leave the EU?   Mind you we ask these questions of each other on a daily basis also.

This blog by John Grenham clarifies most of the above questions: 

‘One large reason for what’s shaping up to be a historic catastrophe is England’s deeply dysfunctional relationship with English history. Many of them believe they won both World Wars single-handed and only lost their Empire because of the natives’ ingratitude. Once out of the EU, they plan to go back to an imaginary past’.

What damage will it do to Ireland?

‘But Ireland is going to take a huge amount of collateral damage and English ignorance of Irish history is a large reason why…’

John’s views, as you will see also from comments, are fair and representative of the views of the vast majority of the population of Ireland at this present time.