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Baptism James Hoffman 22 Oct 1837 Ballyseede/Ballymacelligott

While Kerry Catholic records can be fragmented and non-existent, Kerry non-Catholic records which were all faithfully recorded, some from the mid 1700s, locating those prior to 1845  can be just as problematic for different reasons.

All extant Kerry Church of Ireland baptisms/marriages are available on   A significant number of Church of Ireland  records were burnt  in the Public Record Office fire in 1922. The story is that the individual churches, which had carefully held and stored their records over the previous 150+ years, were advised, in the early 1900s if they did not have secure storage to place them for ‘safekeeping’ in the Public Record Office.  Some of the parishes followed this advice and if they did not keep copies, have now lost these valuable resources.

However, copies and abstracts of the lost registers exist for many parishes. Original or sole copies of Church of Ireland registers may be found in one of several places. (a) in the original parish where they may be accessible by prior arrangement with the local clergymen. (b) in the

Original record Church of Ireland Ballyseede James Hoffman 22 Oct 1837

Original record Church of Ireland Ballyseede James Hoffman 22 Oct 1837

Representative Church Body Library (RCBL) or (c) in the National Archives of Ireland.  The Anglican Record Project now have transcripts of some parishes are now available online– Kenmare and Kilgarvan from 1811.

Note that all Church of Ireland records from 1845 survive and copies are available from the Government Registration Office, Werburgh St., Dublin.  Details online

Kerry had only a tiny population of Methodists at any time; 350 were recorded in the 1861 census.  Contact details for information.

Presbyterians  –  213 were recorded in the 1861 census. Contact details Although the local records are not extensive, note that Presbyterian marriages are included in the civil registers from 1845.