If your ancestor sailed from Blennerville, the Port of Tralee in May 1857, you will be glad to know that he/she was of ‘superior class’.  That is according to the Kerry Evening Post.  The paper goes on to tell us that a ‘dozen fine young peasants‘ left for Melbourne – apologies to Australian descendants for this class distinction by the Post.

To my disappointment, I can’t tell you the name of these ships or the passengers that sailed from Blennervillle (Port of Tralee) on May Day 1857.    Despite long time research by both myself and Helen O’Carroll, Curator/Manager of Kerry County Museum, these two ships remain unidentified.   We can tell you though that the next two ships mentioned leaving ‘early next week’, one to Quebec and one to New York are the St. Clair and the Sandusky.  Whether the emigrants on these ships are ‘superior’ or not, we are not told.

The Kerry Evening Post orientation was Protestant and Conservative.  The Kerry Evening Post was the first rival newspaper to the Chute’s Western Journal from 1813 on.  The paper was set up by two brothers, John and Charles Eagar and it was the conservative answer to Chute’s more liberal journal.