Very few Kerry Estate or Kerry Tenant Rentals have been digitised but details of some are available in various archives. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Kerry became predominantly owned by English landlords and by Anglo-Irish families who were granted land in return for various services.  These lands or estates were typically divided into small-holdings which were rented or leased to tenants.  The private papers of the owner of these estates contain many useful records including Rentals – lists of tenants and associated rent ledgers details payments ; Estate maps on which the names of the occupiers of specific holdings are marked; Lease agreements which generally only apply to large tenants, who may have sub-divided their properties into small-holdings; Letters relating to estate business, eviction or other matters but which may refer to individuals.

Kerry estate records are rarely indexed. A major resource for information on estates is in the Landed Estates Database compiled by University College Galway.

Abbreviations used below:  

KLA: Kerry Local History Library
NAI:  National Archives Ireland
NLI: National Library Ireland

The major collections of Kerry estate papers are:                      

Benn-Walsh: Lord Ormathwaite: Estate Tenancies (1907) and papers associated with Land Commission sale of the estate(1900-1925),  KLA 

Blennerhassett: Miscellaneous legal papers and accounts re a family of Blennerhasset of Co. Kerry, c.1776-1822. NLI Rowan Papers, Ms.20611

Blennerhassett: Arthur Blennerhassett Kerry Rental, 1794-1795. (Ref: P30/5), KLA

Boyle: Rental of the estates of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork in Munster counties including Kerry 1641-1643.  NLI: Lismore Papers MSS.6247-6253.

Collis: Miscellaneous legal papers re the family of Collis of Co. Kerry, mainly re lands at Tubrid, Barony of Clanmaurice, Co. Kerry, 1791-1826.  NLI: Ms.20612

Crosbie:  108 tenants in parishes of O’Dorney, Ardfert and Kiltomy with rental terms and some leases specifying lives NLI: Ms.5033

Crosbie Estate (Ballyheigue): Rentals (1857-1917), including Tenant Purchase Loans Account Book, 1904, KLA.

Farm account book in respect of the estate of William Talbot-Crosbie in Co. Kerry 1856-1858. NLI: Ms.5041

James D. Crosbie: Land Agent, Letter Books 1892 – 1909, KLA

De Janasz/Vicars Estate: Relating to Kilmorna property, mainly dealing with the post-fire insurance but also earlier letters of Sir Arthur Vicars, KLA

De Moleyn: twenty-one deeds relating to properties of the De Moleyn family, (Lord Ventry), Co. Kerry 19thC. NLI: D6723-43.

Denny: Denny Papers. Primarily 1860-1945 but include William Denny’s Marriage Settlement 1832.  Also included is a Rental and Particulars Documents from the 1899 Sale of the estate. KLA

Fitzgerald (Knights of Kerry): The original Fitzgerald Papers are in family possession.  There are microfilm copies in the National Library of Vols 1-17 + Index (1741-1849) POS9082.

Knight of Kerry Valentia Rental 1911-1914. Including Manuscript Diary (May 1830 – January 1831), Incomplete Copy Letter Book (December 1876-1880), KLA

Rent book

Fitzmaurice (Lords of Kerry): Papers relating to the family of Francis Thomas Fitzmaurice, 3rd Earl of Kerry, resident in France, including accounts and several rentals of estates in Co. Kerry, Paris: Nationales, Fonds T. Cote 451 (1-3,8) NLI n. 1087-8, p. 176-7 [Microfilm copies at NLI N.1087-8 p. 176-7, n.6388-6392, p. 7392-7396].

Rental of the Feale Fishery, Co.Kerry, early 19th c. NAI: M.3296.

Gun: Gun Estate Rental (1879) and Legal Papes (1890-1949) KLA

Gun/Browne papers: Listowel (Dromin) Skehenerin, Caherdown, Rattoo, 1880s KLA

Gun Browne papers including  1914 schedule of encumbrances, accounts the 1880s, tenancy particulars (1908) and receiving rental of 1885.

Godfrey: Godfrey Estate Maps 1750 KLA

Hare: Papers relating to the estates in Cos. Cork and Kerry of the Hare family, Earls of Listowel 18th century NAI D.18,522 et seq; M.2331

Solicitors papers (O’Flynn Exham) relating to the Earl of Listowel, including various types of deeds, leases, mortgages, marriage settlements and wills, Cork City & County Archives IE CCCA/U229

Lord Listowel: Estate Rentals (the 1880s – 1960s), Deeds (1812-1956), Legal Proceedings Papers (1877-1970) KLA    100 major tenants in Listowel, name, holding and rent. NAI. M.2356,

Headley, Rentals relating to Headley estates in Knocknagoshel, Castleisland etc., KLA

Herbert:  Correspondence relating to the Irish estates of the Herbert family, in Cork and Castleisland, Co. Kerry, NLI. N.6437, p. 7615, (microfilm)

Rentals and accounts of the Herbert estate in Cullinane near Killarney including rent roll 1733, of Sir F. Brewster’s estate, 1780-1812. 2nd pack is a rental of Mr. asgylls estate 1709, thirty-six tenants for Killarney and sixty-nine for surrounding areas.  NAI 1854 (1-24), 1741-1752 Rent & Accounts M. 1864.

Hurley/Fuller: Primarily Fenit property. The 1900s-1940s. KLA

Kenmare: The Kenmare papers (Browne family) deposited in PRONI, which include most of the former contents of the Estate Office at Killarney, Co. Kerry, amount to well over a ton of records. 1587-1958, comprising c. 475 volumes and files (53 of them of huge proportions) and c. 3,250 documents, maps, plans and surveys  PRONI Kenmare Papers D4151.  Introduction to online

Kenmare Estate Rentals 1874-1894: Muckross House Library (Rent books) online

Lansdowne (Petty-Fitzmaurice): Accounts and rentals of the estate of the marquis of Lansdowne in Co. Kerry, 1864-1873. NLI: n.818, p.1020 (microfilm).  Also at family archives at Bowood.

 Locke: Surveys, valuations and rentals of the Locke estate(formerly the estate of the Earl of Kerry) in Co. Kerry, 19thc. Set of maps of same by Richard Frizell, 1762-5. NAI 3297-3308.  Map of the Locke estate in Carrigcannon and Lyreacrompane Co. Kerry by N. Bath 1796. NAI: M3309. Rental of Locke estate 1801 & 1824m M.3284, M3286, NAI.

Map by J. McMahon with description and valuation of part of the Locke estate in Tournageehy, Co. Kerry 1810. NAI M.3317-19.  Maps of Gortacrossane, Co. Kerry, part of the Locke estate n.d. by Kerry Lyne, 1804. NAI: M.3321-3330

Mahony Estate:  Dromore and Blackwater Rent Ledgers 1855-1880. KLA

McCarthy More: Rent roll of the McCarthy Mór estates in Co. Kerry1673.  NAI. M. 1676.

McGillicuddy of the Reeks: Rent Ledger (1881-1888), Rent Account Books (1780-1871 and 1857-1858), Estate Account Book (1848-1859) and Estate Labour Books (1857-1864) KLA.

O’Connell: Land records O’Connell, Derrynane cash accounts, 1860-1862, including rent and interest due on Derrynane, Co. Kerry 1860. House accounts for 1860/61 folded folio sheets.  Receipts and payments for a wide range of goods and services including staff. NLI: Ms.13,642(2)

Ormonde:  Extracts from the Civil Survey of Ireland of lands claimed by the Dukes of Ormonde in Counties Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow, Dublin, Kerry and Waterford.  NLI: Ormonde Papers Ms. 2560.

Rowan:  Miscellaneous letters to members of the family of Rowan, mainly re financial affairs and estate matters in Co. Kerry. C. 1855-1947. NLI: Rowan Papers, Ms. 20602

Sandes: Sandes Estate Papers, 1850s-1925 dealing with Sallowglen, Kilbaha, Oakpark, Ballyhorgan.  Items from 1802-1890. KLA

Spring Rice: Accounts of the Spring-Rice Estates in Cos. Kerry and Limerick 1785-1799, 184 mainly large tenants. NLI: Ms.596.  Rents of the Spring-Rice estates in Cos. Kerry and Limerick 1787-1792, 1802. Approx 20 tenants in 4 townlands of Ballymacelligott and Galey and rent details.  NLI: Ms.602.  Miscellaneous accounts re the estates of the Spring-Rice family in Cos. Kerry and Limerick, 1806-1812. NLI:587.    Copies of miscellaneous correspondence of Stephen Edward Rice, 1806 and summary rents of Coolkeragh, Co. Kerry, 1806-23.  Mainly house and farm expenses but good lists of labourers 1808/9.  Copies of letters inbound volume and rental of Coolkeragh (Civil Parish of Galey), NLI: Ms. 605 Monteagle Estate Accounts 1870-73.  NLI: Ms.581, 590.

Stoughton: Documents of Irish National and Land League and Ladies Irish National Land League relating to evictions on the estate of Thomas A. Stoughton, Ballyduff, Co. Kerry. 1881.  NLI: Ms. 18,456.