Small Sources 8: Kerry Petitioners 1828

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This list are the signatories to a letter of 1828 petitioning Daniel O’Connell (local lawyer and politician, and leader of the Catholic Emancipation movement) to represent the tenants of Sliebheena (near Castleisland, Co. Kerry) in a legal action for their eviction from their homes. The letter is designed to appeal to his pity, as are the descriptions of the signatories. The original is in NLI Ms 16,63

Hanna McCarthy Widow
Richard McCarthy Orphan
Cherry McCarthy “
Justin McCarthy “
Charles McCarthy “
Purdon McCarthy “
Dinnis Flynn Miserably poor widower
Mary Flynn Helpless orphans
Catherine Flynn “
Michael Flynn “
Nelly Flynn “
Gubblay (?)Flynn “
Margaret O’Brien Widow and mother of young orphans
Peggy ..annon (?) “
Mary Moriarty “
Francis Lawson Widowed father of 8 orphans
John O’Connor Father of a numerous young family
John Lawson Old father of six and seven children each
Stephen Lawson “
Florence McCarthy sen. “
Michael O’Daly Needy labourers with families
Timothy O’Connor “
Michael Brosnan “
Christopher Harold “

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Small Sources 4: Tenants of Quansbury Estate (Galway) 1777-78.

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This is a rental in the estate papers of Francis Thomas FitzMaurice, 3rd Earl of Kerry, held in the Archives Nationales, Paris (Fonds T. Cote 451 (6)). A microfilm copy is in NLI P7239. The rental is of the Quansbury Estate which is in the Parish of Kilquain, Co Galway. Some properties are in neighbouring parishes. Information on the estate is at: It shows 35 tenants (mainly large) and their rents, which vary from £237 to £3.10.0 and observations. Note that some tenants have several properties.

Mrs. Cowan: – Abbey (Possibly Abbeygormacan?)
William Talbot: – “
William Burke: – Cloonlea etc.
Arthur Geoghegan: – Killedillish, Quansbury (part) and Peterhill
Mr McGommery: – Observation on Geoghegan holding above states ‘lately occupied by Mr McGommery’
Pat Kirwan: – Eskerboy
Red. Dolphin: – Lisikill & Kilbegg
Pat Madden: – Tinure
Thos. Milbank: – Lisnafad, Lisenisky
P Prendergast: – Derrinboy
William Keating: – Observation on Prendergast holding above states ‘Let from May 1778 to Wm. Keating’
Thomas Knavin: – Cloonaghmore
Rev Mr Dolan: – Lisheenahively
Dominick Burke: – Corballymore
Denis O’Brien: – Observation on above holding states ‘Let to him by Denis O’Brien’
Michael Burke: – Foxhall and Carnewshanbally
Luke Usher: – Gort
Pat Shanny: – Corballybeg
Nicholas Lynch: – Mullea
Edmund Burke: – Inch Irk (?)
Andrew Hearn: – Lurragamore
Mr Drought: – Six acres in Tumsallagh
Andrew Armstrong: – Demesne of Quansbury
Harvey Hynes: – Part of Lisnafad
Martin Lynch: – Part of Creggananty
Thomas Burke, Tyton: – Part of Creggananty
Villagers: – Part of Creggananty
Darby Knavin: – Lurragabeg
Villagers: – Village of Mullea
William Martin: – Part Village of Mullea late John Trenches
Pat Burke: – Drimnagh
John Daly: – Part of Lisnafad
Edmond Kelly: – Loughaneroe & Killeen
Michael Mannion: – Ardberreen
Peter Kelly: – Coolagurrane
Old Villagers: – Remainder of Killacumna
To the late Nep(?) Lynch: – Raheen and Cloonamaskra
Garnett Kennedy: – Mungvane

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Small Sources 3: Labourers in Shanagolden area 1808.

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Another source which we found in our research for a new edition of ‘Tracing your Limerick Ancestors’. This is a list of labourers on the Spring-Rice Estate, Mount Trenchard, Limerick (Shanagolden area) from April to July 1808. These are in NLI Ms. 605 which is a ledger of estate accounts. The payment to each person is also included. The names are abbreviated: Jno = John; Michl. = Michael; Wm = William etc. No first name is listed for a few, and some are only indicated as ‘Son’ or ‘daughter’. Some names are also repeated.
April 25th 1808.
Richd. Shaughnessy
Richd. Flanigan
Mau McMahon

April 28th 1808
Jno. Shaughnessy
Michl. Trehy
Thos. Lacy
Connor Kinnerk (?)
Patk. Kennelly
Catherine Canty
Garrett Joyce
Madigan & Browne
Timothy Shea
Willm. Dooly
Michl. Shaughnessy
Thos La??
James Clancy
Catherine Canty
Carthy’s daughter
Murphy’s daughter
Biddy Purtell
Nancy Connor

May 8th
James Clancy
Peggy Lacy
Jno. McMahon Collier?
Jno Sullivan
Michael Dooly
Rogr. Neale
Nancy Flanly
Mary Flanagan
Willm. Gregg
Jno. McMahon, Tion?
Jno. Browne, Loughill (the latter is a townland in the area)
Pat. Greg

May 20th
John McEnnerny
Mark Gieran
James Si…. ?
Jno. Bradish
Jno. Barrett
James Gregg.
Rchd. Shaughnessy
James Purtell
Peggy Browne
Michael Flanagan’s son
Mary Flanagan
Biddy Barrett
James Clancy
Jno. O’Brien
Jno. Welsh
Jno. Joyce
Jno. Sheehy
Michl. Trehy
James Ward
?? Barrett’s son
Jno. Scanlan
Richd. Flanagan
Patk. Enright
Jno. Flanagan
Jno. Sullivan
Thos. Ward and Pat Fl..ney
Michael Moloney
Jno. Joyce
Old (?) Bradish
Simon O’Brien
Michl. Scanlan
Catherine Nolan
Richd. Shaughnessy
Jno. Gregg
Connor Shaughnessy son
Daniel Moor
Biddy Barrett
Welsh & ?? levelling ditches
Timothy Carthy
Michl. Shaughnessy
Jno. McMahon Roger ?
Wm. Tr….? Cutting and Drawing turf
Widow Madigan’s son
Griffin for Striping ground
Jno. Barrett for watching turf
Darby Dooly

July 4th.
Michl. Clancy
Patk. Connor

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Small Sources 2: Tarbert (Co. Kerry) schoolchildren 1809

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A list of 39 schoolchildren in Tarbert, Co. Kerry in 1809 from NLI Ms 17,935 (5). if you make a connection, we would love to hear about it to jim.ryan (at)

‘A list of the Scholars educating (sic) at the english school founded at Tarbert by the Governors of Erasmus Smith’s Schools. May 1809.

Mary Kelly
Sarah Fowler (?)
James Fowler (?)
Michael Finucane
Ann Finucane
Catherine Finucane
Elizabeth McCormick
Catherine Ware
Mary Ware
James Supple
John Eggleston
Hannah Nott
Charles Conner
Mary Conner
George Ware
William Dillane
Margaret Dillane
Michl. Dillane
John Dillane
William Murray
John Enright
Edmond Fowlove (?)
John Finucane
Michael Finucane
William Cummins
Pat Cummins
Margaret Cummins
Abigail Murray

A list of Free Boys
Francis Kelly
Thos. Kelly
Willm. King
David Ferguson
Henry McCormick
John Nott
Thos. Nott
Thos. Murray
Charles Murray
Thos. Ware
George Farrel ‘

Signature appears to be Aust (?) Martin

Wexford Estate Workers and Suppliers 1856

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We have been researching sources for a planned Wexford guide. Some of these sources are too small to be specifically referenced in our guide, but will be of interest to some researchers. Below is a list of those mentioned in the farm accounts of the Wingfield Estate in the Civil Parish of Kilpipe, near Gorey for 1856-57. They include day-labourers, suppliers and a few customers for farm produce. The manuscript is Ms 19,004 in the National Library of Ireland. Jim Ryan

Robert Leggett – (‘ointment to cure a cow’, salt, oatmeal )
Christopher O’Neill –(bread for kitchen, sugar)
James Nolan – (Lime)
John Farrell – (Potato basket)
Thomas O’Neill – Supplier (‘square of glass’)

James Dunn – (‘for bottoming 2 cans’)
Michael Quigley – (for ‘bottoming 2 cream tubs’)

Pat Byrne
William Kealey
Pat Kenney
John Byrne
William Byrne
Ellen Carroll
Ann Byrne
Kate Kiltey
Thomas Kiltey
Eliz Byrne
John Ryan

Thomas Griffin – ‘4 cocks of hay’
James Boland – turnips
Nath Pierce – grass
Peter Ward – hay

Middle Names

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Researchers will often differentiate their ancestor on the basis of a second name. He was ‘Michael Martin Murphy’ rather than plain old ‘Michael Murphy’. However, the middle name usually has little relevance when seeking a Catholic ancestor in pre-20th century Irish records. Even if an ancestor is described in a US or UK record as having a second name, you would be well advised not to put too much reliance on finding this second name in any official Irish record. Catholic children were rarely baptised with a second name until the 20th century. This can be easily demonstrated by a search of the 1901 census returns ( where a search of almost any ‘humble’ household will show that only a minority of the occupants will have a second name . In my own case, I am the first person in my family to have been given a second name at birth as my father, born 1921, has only one name as have all the members of the previous generations.
Nevertheless, many Irish émigrés appear in overseas records with a second name, so where might this second name have come from? It is doubtful that there is a general rule about this. In areas where a particular name is very common, e.g. O’Donnell in Donegal or O’Sullivan in Kerry, people were often distinguished by a second ‘name’ which linked them to their specific family. Thus Seamus John O’Sullivan was the son of John which distinguished him from the other Seamus O’Sullivans in the area. This may have been one origin. However, this distinguishing label was often not a name. He could equally have been, for instance, Seamus ‘Óg’ (young) O’Sullivan or Seamus ‘Rua’ (Red) O’Sullivan. These names were, and still are, in common local use in areas where particular families are abundant. However, they are ‘nicknames’ rather than formal names. In truth, it is likely that many immigrants, faced with the perceived need to fit into the local US or Canadian custom and furnish a second name, made the decision to take their ‘nickname’ as a formal part of their name. In summary, a second name is therefore unlikely to be very useful as an identifier in Irish records.
Among Church of Ireland and Presbyterian families, and (later) in upper-class Catholic families, second names were much more commonly used, particularly within wealthier families. Their particular usage can also be useful to researchers. Among Church of Ireland families, the mother’s maiden name was often taken as a middle name, presumably to ensure that it would not be forgotten. In this way surnames often came to be used as personal names within particular families and this can be a useful indicator of family lineage when conducting research.