Latin Translations of Kerry Catholic Registers

Here are some phrases and names that you will be coming across when you are researching the newly released Kerry Catholic Registers.  Once you are familiar with the format, they are almost all entered with the same Latin phrases.

annus year Brigida Brigid
affinitatus Related through an earlier marriage of the two families CarolusDemetriusEdmundus CharlesJeremiah/Jerome/Dermot/DarbyEdmund
baptisatus christened Edwardus Edward
consanquinati Blood related Eugenius Owen, Eugene
coram In the presence of Gosfridus Geoffrey
die day Gulielmus William
domicilium abode Hannah Anne
et and Honora Hannah, Nora
filia daughter Ioannes John
fillium/us son Jacobus James
frater brother Joannes John
habemus we have Joanna Joan, Jane
in secundus grado first cousins NigelusMargaretaMaria Nigel, NeilMargaretMary, Maureen, Molly
in tertius grado second cousins Michaelem Michael
legitimum legitimate Patricius Patrick, Pat, Pa
maritus, conjux husband Stephanus Stephen
matrimonium marriage Thaddeus Timothy
mater mother Willelmus/Guillems Wiliam
mense month  
mortuus defunctus deceased  
natus birth Dies Lune Monday
nomen first name Dies Marta Tuesday
obit he or she dies D. Mercurii Wednesday
obeunt they died Dies Iovis Thursday
pater father D. Veneris Friday
parentes parents D. Sabbati Saturday
soror sister D.Dominica Sunday
sponsores godpartents  
testimonium witnesses  
uxor maritus, conjux wife  
vidua widow

Above courtesy of myself from my Leaving Cert Latin, British National Archives and Claire Santry