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Born in Kerry?

If your ancestors were born in Kerry, where were they born?   And I don’t mean, what location?  I mean do you know exactly where they were born?    At home, a hospital, a private nursing home or …?    Well the answer is that it depends on when they were born.  What era? From the earliest […]

Kerry: The Unquiet G...

Continuing- another chapter from The Unquiet Grave (Edited by Michael Connolly).    A Tale of Two Tombs: The Rise of the Catholic Middle Class is by Helen O’Carroll, Curator, Kerry County Museum  and it considers how two graves reflect a family’s change in status in the 1800s.   It has a wealth of information about one […]

Life in Kerry in the...

It is important to give descendants of  Kerry ancestors a picture of what life was like when your grandparents  or great/great grandparents emigrated, from the county  in the nineteenth century: Travel: For most of the nineteenth century, travel in County Kerry was walking or by horse or donkey & car.  A person walking will average […]