mka blog cornelius_creanWe are justifiably proud of one of our greatest Kerrymen – Tom Crean but we should remember his brother Cornelius also.   On April 25th 1920, Tom Crean’s older brother Cornelius, who was an RIC officer, was shot dead in an IRA ambush, at Upton Industrial School in Ballinspittal, Co. Cork, during Ireland’s War Of Independence.

1867  7 Nov Hugh, Gortcurrane    [Farm]
1869  6 Mar Mary, Gortacurrane
1870 14 June John, Ballinknockane
1871  27 Sept Cornelius, Gortacurrane
1873 13 Mar Daniel, Gortacurrane   [Farm]
1875 24 Mar Patrick,
1877 25 Feb Thomas
1875 ? Johanna, Gortacurrane  [Says 1877 on Genealogy]
1887 28 Aug Catherine  m. Policeman
1879 14 Mar Michael [Went to sea & was lost]
1883 Martin

Cornelius was Tom’s older brother.

I couldn’t do a better job than that already on   It gives you a very accurate picture of 1920s Ireland and well worth reading.