MKA Blog Irish Genealogy Civil Records goneClaire Santry in her excellent blog[1], reported on Monday that the state-managed is preparing to upload an abridged version of the Civil Registration collection.  After the excitement of having the full Index of Ireland Births, Marriages and Deaths available for all of about 2 weeks, they suddenly disappeared off the website on July 18th.  The Data Commissioner, whether rightly or wrongly objected to the information which was made available.

It looks like we should be back on track very soon but with a different set of records.  To comply with data protection to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, what we will have, therefore, is access to the birth indexes up to 100 years ago, the marriage indexes up to 75 years ago, and the death records up to 50 years ago.

Claire continues:

‘In summary, here’s what I’m expecting to appear:

Births Index – all entries registered from 1864 to 1913. Entries up to 1899 record only the child’s name, year of birth and registration district. From 1900 to 1913, the mother’s maiden name and the child’s actual birth date are additionally provided in the majority of cases (the early years are rather inconsistent). All entries from 1864 have a Group Registration Number.

Marriages Index – all entries registered from 1845/1864 to 1943. Up to 1912, the bride and groom are recorded separately by name, registration district, quarter/year of marriage, page and volume number, and a Group Registration Number. From 1913 onwards, the bride and groom are recorded as a couple, together with registration district and date of marriage. These later marriage records are identified only with a Group Registration Number. (In fact, some pre-1913 marriages are recorded in this ‘couple’ format, but it’s not been done consistently.)

Deaths Index – all entries registered from 1864 to 1963. Up to 1923, the deceased is recorded in the index by name, calculated age and registration district. From 1924, the entry records the name, registration district and the deceased’s age as stated on the death certificate. All entries from 1864 have a Group Registration Number’.