Post Civil War Compensation  List for County Kerry

MKA Blog Civil War DamageCounty Kerry Claims for compensation for loss of or damage to property that occurred as a result of military action between July 1921 and March 1923, under the Damage to Property (Compensation) Act, 1923 are now available  at the National Archives.   I have been going through them and publish here a selection to give you a flavour of life post the Civil War

Nothing was sacred – heifers, cars, boats, motorcyles, suits (6), food, alcohol, ‘drapery goods’ – you name it.  While the major portion of the blame is attributed to the ‘Irregulars’, the National Army were blamed for an amount of damage also, and the more discreet applicant blamed ‘unknown persons’.

A selection here from all over County Kerry.

  •  John Fitzgerald, Strand Street, Tralee, County Kerry.         One motor car seized and taken away at Tralee by unknown persons on 19 July 1922
  •  Ambrose Deenihan, creamery manager, Tonreagh, Ballyheigue, County Kerry.    One motor cycle, side car and accessories taken from claimant’s residence at Tonreagh by armed men on 7 July 1922; file states claimant subsequently found the vehicle badly damaged at Ballymullen Barracks, County Kerry.
  • Henry Percival Maxwell, Landsdowne Lodge, Kenmare, County Kerry.       Three bullocks taken away at Kenmare Old, County Kerry, and Gortnadullagh, County Kerry, by armed men in the months of September and October 1922; goods looted from claimant’s house at Kenmare by armed men on various dates from 28 July to 7 November 1922; field gates and corrugated iron taken away at Kenmare Old, County Kerry, and Gortnadullagh, County Kerry, by unknown persons on various dates from 6 August to 8 November 1922; bedding goods taken away at Kenmare by armed Irregular forces on various dates from 25 October to 8 November 1922
  • Jeremiah Teahan, Cromane, Killorglin.   Boat destroyed at Cromane by National troops on 11 October 1922.
  • Ellen Harman, William Street, Listowel.    Premises used as a telephone exchange damaged by gunfire at William Street when occupied by National troops and attacked by Irregular forces on 30 June 1922.
  • Mary Supple, Ballyheigue,     One heifer shot dead at Dirtane, Ballyheigue, County Kerry, by National troops on 23 October 1922; file states that it is believed the cow was shot by a stray bullet; trees and a wall thrown down to block the road at Dirtane, Ballyheigue, County Kerry, by Irregular forces in October and November 1922
  • John Ross, jeweller, Castle Street, Tralee.      Mirror and glass of premises smashed by rifle fire at Castle Street, Tralee on 2 August 1922; file states this was the day Free State troops entered Tralee

More next week.