MKA Blog Military P. Castleisland Map

More Files have been digitised and released online under the Military Sevice Pension applications and grants.  These relate to action during 1916, the War of Independence and the Civil War.  There is a great amount of detail of Kerry names, addresses, of interest to the historian and also to the genealogist, who might be trying to piece together some background on family or relatives.

‘Maps and sketches were created to illustrate and plan military actions, ambushes, to depict boundaries between companies and battalions and to show areas of responsibility of local IRA units.  Most of this material is in very poor physical condition and there is a conservation programme under way.  However here we have an excellent reproduction of a sketch map of Castleisland Main St., and Chapel/Church St., (Cork Rd).  It is noted that the red crosses denote where the ambush and shooting of Whippen (Black & Tan) took place and the blue crosses indicate where the ambush and shooting of  Head Constable Storey and Sergt. Butler which took place on 8 May 1920.  May signed by Timothy O’Connor, O/C First Battalion, Kerry 11 Brigade. ( IE/MA/MSPC/A/6 a & b)’